Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Durango, Day 2

Making a mess at the condo

Seriously, every view was amazing. Pictures are just so lame in comparison.

We drove up in the mountains a bit further and found this pretty creek.

The water was bone-chilling cold, but that did not stop everyone from dipping our feet in!

Millie really wanted to climb a mountain. We found a hill with beautiful flowers that did just fine!

Max refused to leave my side for most of the trip.

Sweet Bryn helping Millie down the hill.

Lunch at James Ranch. I ate an overpriced, delicious burger while the kids roamed and played with goats and refused to eat anything.

Pinkerton Hot Springs.

Millie said, "Colorado had the best beds, Mom!" She loved the bunk beds at the condo so much.

The kids spent so much time watching people from the balcony.

I laid down to stretch my back and Max thought he would join me. Awkward!

The condo building had a library you could borrow books from, and we found a Book of Mormon!

Books, ice cream, and sisters. Pretty much a perfect evening.

Mom took the older grandkids for a night swim and then they had graham crackers and milk before bed. Coolest grandma!

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