Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Durango, Day 3

Coal Bank Pass. Millie insisted on climbing up but Max couldn't so Lindsay helped her.

We played and had a picnic lunch at a cute park in Silverton. The whole town was adorable!

Downtown Silverton.

Rocky Mountain Funnel Cake Factory!

We stopped at a waterfall on the side of the road and let the kids play for a minute.

Andrew's Lake. I stayed in the car with Max and Briggs, who were sleeping. 

I also took a hair selfie because I was bored.

Since it was sunny it was (barely) warm enough for a swim. The kids also loved the hot tub.

It was fun to people-watch at the pool. We could see mountain bikers coming down the slopes, people zip-lining overhead, and people on the alpine slide. So many fun things to do!

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