Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Utah, Day 4

A day in Spring City doing nothing was just what we needed!

I got to go for a run by myself. This was good for two reasons: it was nice to be alone for a minute, and no one saw how often I had to walk. Altitude is real folks!

Max got very attached to this lacrosse stick. It was kind of adorable.

Millie showing me how to play toilet tag.

We just couldn't go inside! We seriously spent all morning outside. Utah weather is amazing.

Monka curled Millie's hair and she looked like a little teenager!

Drawing pictures/thank you notes for Grandpa and Grandma.

Millie, Madi, and Kelsey sat on the driveway and traded rocks for over an hour. Millie got to choose 3 to bring home, which was sad because she wanted all of the ones piled in her shirt!

She asked for a snack. I got up to get her one and came back 30 seconds later to find her asleep! Fun is so exhausting.

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