Monday, August 24, 2015

Utah, Day 5

Wednesday morning we packed up the cars again, said goodbye to Grandpa and Grandma, and headed to Utah Valley.

Oh the things that entertain kids. Millie, Madi, and Kelsey were tying each other up for a good hour! And Max was totally enthralled with that boot that Belle uses as a chew toy.

We had so much stuff in the car there was hardly room for Millie back there! At one point a bin of clothes tipped over on her. Instead of yelling for help or something, she just said, "Clothes!" For some reason it was so funny and Mom and I laughed so hard.

Eva was so sweet to hold Max's hand in the car when he was getting restless, even if it meant she had to lay under a box. Ha!

Mom took me and the kids to pick up a rental car and then we were on our own for a bit. I took the kids to Wendy's by our old apartment and we had the most wonderful lunch - they both ate all of their food without argument and we just had a great time!

Then we got settled in the house my parents rented in Pleasant Grove. Pink!

That afternoon we got to go see Giselle, Austin, Sydney, and Hudson!! We didn't get to see them at the dude ranch so I was super excited - it had been too long. I wish our kids could play together more! It was so fun catching up with them.

We drove by the Timpanogos Temple on our way out. So beautiful and Millie loved seeing "our temple," as she calls it. (Anywhere anyone gets married is "theirs.") 

That night Tyler flew in! We were so happy to finally have him with us!

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