Friday, October 9, 2015

Little things

Ready for the football game!

Gigi gave us a big coloring book maybe 2 years ago and Millie still loves it. 

She falls asleep reading almost every night. Love her.

A rare moment of sharing and nicely playing.

Millie was my bed buddy a couple times while Tyler was away.

Max does this every time we are at the library!

They finally put visitor parking at the library! Our library is part of a college campus so there are never spots available. It was ridiculous.

Max recently grew out of his old tennis shoes and wasn't too sure about the new pair.

Tyler got to video chat with the kids one time while he was away for almost 2 weeks. He worked long hours and was never off before they were asleep! So this was a treat for everyone.

I love her handwriting! She can do her and Max's name without help, though sometimes they're backwards. So funny.

Millie always wants to be the first one at preschool and races me there every day! I'm so glad she loves it so much!

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