Tuesday, November 17, 2015

9 on 10: November 2015

1. Still loving fitness blender workouts!

2. I'm talking to someone at Home Depot and suddenly I hear a pop and my hair starts to fall. Thick hair problems! Luckily I had a few bobby pins in my bag.

3. Unproductive shoe shopping

4. We had an extra princess at our dance party

5. Playing with borders for the Weston's blanket

6. Millie made a self-portrait out of yarn while I crocheted. She wanted to leave it on the ottoman until her birthday! Obviously it didn't last that long. It lasted approximately 3 minutes after Max woke up from his nap.

7. Little jumper

8. Halloween/Thanksgiving decor fusion. Also known as laziness.

9. The kids have a renewed obsession with this book. Max asks for it before every nap/bedtime! Sadly, we have gotten to the point where I have the whole thing memorized. When I'm feeling lazy I just recite it to him as we rock rather than read it to him on the couch.

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Kimberly said...

My kids were obsessed with that book last year! Such a great one.