Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween was much anticipated by all of us this year! The youth were in charge of the Ward trunk or treat this year (read: I was in charge) so I was working on stuff for it all month. We woke up to so much rain and I really didn't want to move the party inside! I've never prayed so hard for weather since our wedding probably haha!

It rained all morning but then kinda turned out to be a perfect afternoon. Cloudy and breezy but no rain. Definitely a miracle to me. 

We had dinner and a live band (made up of ward members) during the first hour, carnival-y games during the second hour, and then the actual trunk or treat! Everything went well and we all had a fun time. 

I was trying to be all discreet with the duct tape on this photo booth but the wind had other plans! Oh well!

Cotton candy

Whack-a-deacon (but pretty much all the kids volunteered to be under there too)

The band - You, Me, and Dupuis

Fishing game

Bean bag toss 

Face painting


Even Max participated sometimes!

They collected candy for a few minutes but then they were content to sit and enjoy. I love this Little Red and Big Bad Wolf!

After getting everything cleaned up we stopped to grab some food and went over to Gigi and Poppy's house! Heidi and James were there too. We visited with them and trick-or-treated around their neighborhood a little bit. Nana and Botz's house was our last stop before heading home! It was such a fun day!

They loved Poppy swinging them around.

We came to a few houses where no one was home. Tyler said at one house Millie knocked and looked in the window, whispering "Please!" These things are so important to little kids!!

I wasn't always big on Halloween, but we have really enjoyed it the last few years. We're already planning for next year!!

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