Saturday, November 28, 2015

Lots of little things

This is basically a glorified photo dump. Here we go.

Celebrating my dad's birthday. The kids were so funny that night! They loved helping Ampa blow out the candles and then re-lighting and blowing them out again and again. We love Ampa!

A beautiful sunset after a long hard day.

We had our Young Women in Excellence program on the 18th. The theme was "Let Your Light So Shine." 2 YW in our Ward planned it for a project and did tons of work. I was so glad, because making those plans is really overwhelming to me! So thankful to serve with these great women (below, missing Brenna)!

This is actually before YWIE, but oh well. My friend Polly serves in YW too and YWIE has fallen on her birthday 2 years in a row!! Poor thing. We made sure we celebrated before all the YW work began. Millie had fun here with her little friends (below). 

Max is in a wonderful, frustrating, and adorable stage right now. The kid is a huge flight risk when we're out in public. He runs so quickly, literally laughing out loud as I chase him. Heaven help me.

Millie named this room "the dancing room" at this dance party. I'm so glad we bought that silly keyboard years ago.

Millie's latest portrait of Heidi and James. They look like the pigs on Angry Birds to me. I love watching her draw!

I've been listening to lots of Handel's Messiah lately to help me prep for our stake's performance of it. The other day Millie decided she wanted to watch the whole thing, so we found a version on YouTube. She sat down and watched it for a solid half hour!... And then fell asleep. I'm sure she will love the concert haha

I went to the baptism of 5 awesome siblings! They have been investigating the Church for a few months, 4 of them are YW. They're so sweet and we are so excited to have them be officially pet of our ward. This puts us at 40 active YW. Eek!

Max insisted on using his brute strength and holding Daddy's new shoes.

Heidi and James are having a BOY!! Millie and I were both wrong! We are so excited to meet that little man. Millie will eventually get over the fact that his name won't be Sofia the First.

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