Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Medical Max

On Sunday the 8th, Max fell off the arm of the couch while trying to dunk a ball into his hoop. He caught himself with his left hand as he fell. I wasn't home when it happened so I didn't think too much of it, but Tyler was really worried. After a day I could tell it was hurting him. Not crazy, he wasn't crying all the time, but he was definitely favoring that arm and wouldn't really use it.

Tuesday night we asked Poppy to come take a look. He said it was probably fractured and recommended a doctor. I took him in on Wednesday morning and sure enough, it was fractured! Both bones. Poor boy.  

He was jazzed about those fish.

Yes there's the crack but LOOK at that adorable chubby wrist!! Kills me!

The doctor said it would heal on its own - I could give him a band-aid or a full body cast haha. We settled somewhere in the middle on a brace he will wear for 3 weeks. Cutest, smallest brace I've ever seen!

Max was so brave and sweet. He definitely doesn't like doctor visits or people touching him. They laid him down for an x-ray and he was screaming like crazy, but after a minute he calmed down. The radiologist kept saying he was doing a good job, to hang in there, only one more, etc. Max would respond to each comment with a "Thank you!" or an "Otay!" or a "Yeah." It was the cutest thing ever.

That same day I noticed that his ear was swollen and I figured it was just a bug bite. After the doctor visit Max took a super long nap. When he woke up, his ear was HUGE! See below. 

It was so scary. I couldn't find a bite and I figured it wouldn't keep getting bigger if it was just a bug bite! I called the pediatrician's office and they were pretty sure it was just a bite since he had no other symptoms. The next morning it was much better.

Max is giving us a run for our money! Love that boy.


Lindsay said...

Oh my gosh! haha. I knew about his arm, poor boy. But the ear thing totally caught me off guard and I laughed when I saw the picture! Sorry. :) But I'm glad it's getting better. He sure is a tough little guy!

Samantha Van Noy said...

OH poor little guy! Reminds me of myself at 2! I fell at church and hit my head on the hymnal and had to get stitches. Two weeks later I fell again at church and broke my arm! Hope he feels better soon!

Kimberly said...

His ear reminds me of your lip! If it happens again we'll know he got your weird allergy gene! 😊 What a sweet boy saying all those years and otays to the doctor!!