Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Outside fun

The weather has been pretty beautiful lately! We spend so much time outside and it is really fun.

I find Max in the funniest places.

He likes to observe bugs from a distance (can you spot the one on the bike tire?)

We enjoyed a play date at the park with Delilah and Oliver!! 

And lastly, our renewed bike obsession. We found great deals on training wheels and a helmet for Millie (less than $10 combined!), so we decided not to wait until Christmas. I'm so glad we didn't wait! Tyler found this bike on the side of the road a month or so ago. We took it for a spin yesterday and Millie loved it so much!

She got real brave and took her hands off a few times. 

Max likes his bike but eventually his attention wanders. He found himself in the hub caps - "Yook! Mass!" (Look! Max!)

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