Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Woodlands Children's Festival

Grammy invited us to the Children's Festival a weekish ago. It was supposed to rain but we got lucky and the weather was perfect! We watched a Bob the Builder show (which the kids had never seen but unfortunately now they love it), built Lego creations, made and flew kites, met Barbie and Olaf and Kung-Fu Panda, got faces painted, went in a petting zoo, and so much more! It was a fun day with Grammy!

Okay can we just talk about Max for a minute? This little shy, stick-to-Mom-at-all-times boy went in the petting zoo with Tyler and waltzed right up to those animals without hesitation. He touched them all and followed them around and talked to them. It was the cutest thing ever. Move that boy to a farm ASAP!

There's a security company in the Woodlands that rides around town on horseback. We see them from time to time but on our way out of the festival Millie was so excited to meet Rita and her rider!

Thanks Grammy for a great day!!

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Joanna Freeman said...

Cami, I've been reading through your blog and loving it! Millie looks good with a violin, too...just saying. Miss you, cousin!