Sunday, February 28, 2016

Little things

A lot of little things, because I'm playing catch up!

I can't believe what a nice winter we have had. We may pay for it with a killer summer, but still. We're definitely enjoying this.

A rather dramatic dress up outfit. She scootered around the house with the cape flowing in the air and it was so funny.

Venturing around the block on our scooters. Millie did great! I ended up carrying Max half the time.

The kids have been interested in taking pictures lately. Above is Max's first attempt, and below is Millie's.

Max insists that this is how we walk into the library. Always.

We went to Deputy Goforth Park so I could run around the lake. Millie scootered around the whole thing, 2 miles!! She was so awesome. She went super fast at first and towards the end she was getting tired but kept saying "This is a long way but I can do it!" I was so proud of her.

Playing at the park after our run.

I had Millie hold my phone while I showed her how to get to the top, and I guess I'd left the camera on because I found about 60 pictures like this later. So funny.

I pulled out some toys that had been in our storage room and Max worked on these puzzles for so long. I need to remember to rotate toys better.

Monka was in Alaska and Tyler was working so we called Ampa and invited him down for dinner. So glad we live close enough to be spontaneous like that sometimes!

Max brought me a ball and scissors and asked me to fix the ball. Turns out he wanted the little rattley ball out! I was laughing so hard, but he was not amused that I wouldn't do it.

You just never know where you'll find them when you hop out of the shower.

We use the iPad for bedtime scripture stories and now Millie also likes to color a picture on the notepad afterward. Anything to delay sleep!

Valentine's Day

Not sure why this day has its own post, because it wasn't a big deal. Valentine's Day hits at a really busy time of year for Tyler, so any celebrating we do is mainly just me and the kids. Luckily it fell on a Sunday this year so we at least got to have a family dinner. As we were finishing we noticed that the sky decided to be festive too.

We enjoyed watching the sunset. Well, I did while everyone else wrestled in the grass. 

We will get a proper date in a couple weeks when busy season is over! Hooray!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Soccer team

Millie is playing soccer this spring! She is on a team with several kids in the ward. She was so excited for her first practice last Friday that she put on her soccer clothes and shin guards around lunch time, even though practice wasn't til 5:30!

Max wanted his picture taken too. Couldn't say no to that adorableness.

I love this picture because it's so accurate. Coach Jason with a big smile trying to make it fun for everyone, and so many parents having to help keep their child involved/interested/on task. Millie did great so my main task was keeping Max out. He wanted to play so badly.

Looks like he snuck in a few times anyway. We were so happy Tyler got to be there - so glad practices are on the one night Tyler gets off!

The next morning was her first game! It was at 8am so Tyler got to be there for that too. Unfortunately it was cold and Millie had refused to bring her jacket, and then she refused to wear mine or Tyler's once she realized she needed one. She played about 3 minutes and then declared she was done. Would not move. 

But Max sure enjoyed playing on the sidelines! Poppy and James were so nice to come and watch the game. 

Millie may have refused to play, but no one turns down the post-game snack!

She wanted to wear her uniform for the rest of the day. We took a picnic to a park we don't always go to and had a lot of fun.

Can't wait for more soccer games!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Little things

Practicing for soccer.

These two wanted to snuggle on Millie's bed while we read scriptures. Can't even handle the sweetness!

He asked me to turn on a movie and sit by him, then he said, "Snugga me!" I was happy to oblige.

Millie is getting good at letters. She can write almost all of them!

I've been reading a lot so far this year. This one for book club was so good!

I was giving Max all kinds of treats to keep him awake to finish one last errand, but he fell asleep mid-lollipop. 

A good wrestle session. Love those hooligans!

10 on 10: February 2016

1. Procrastinating morning chores 

2. No caption needed

3. The kids were playing so well together and I was able to get a lot done. Big time tender mercy.

4. Off to Monka's, we spied Tyler's office. Wasn't as far away as it looks in the picture!

5. After visiting and lunch, we head home with cars and an "e-sucker" (motorcycle, in Max) to borrow

6. Love these trees shading the road near Mom's house. Can't wait til they have leaves again.

7. Thank goodness for YouTube and smartphones. We listen to these songs A LOT in the car these days!

8. Max snoozes in the car and we soak up the sun 

9. Millie learns Max's trick

10. Who needs to wait for syrup??

Friday, February 12, 2016

Cousin fun

Lindsay and Kenny came to Houston for a super quick trip last weekend. They brought their son Briggs to my mom's so we spent a lot of Friday and Saturday there playing!

Exploring the complex courtyard.

My parents also watched Millie and Max Friday night so Tyler and I could go to the temple, so they had a fun 3-cousin party.  

Saturday I got to sneak into my mom's workshop at their RS activity. She is so awesome and I really hope some of that rubs off on me someday. The theme of the activity was being super woman or something and we took a cheesy pic in the photo booth. 

Lindsay and Kenny came to Mom and Dad's after a bit and we visited and went to Mod Pizza for dinner. Can't wait to have fun weekends like this with them more often!