Thursday, February 18, 2016

Soccer team

Millie is playing soccer this spring! She is on a team with several kids in the ward. She was so excited for her first practice last Friday that she put on her soccer clothes and shin guards around lunch time, even though practice wasn't til 5:30!

Max wanted his picture taken too. Couldn't say no to that adorableness.

I love this picture because it's so accurate. Coach Jason with a big smile trying to make it fun for everyone, and so many parents having to help keep their child involved/interested/on task. Millie did great so my main task was keeping Max out. He wanted to play so badly.

Looks like he snuck in a few times anyway. We were so happy Tyler got to be there - so glad practices are on the one night Tyler gets off!

The next morning was her first game! It was at 8am so Tyler got to be there for that too. Unfortunately it was cold and Millie had refused to bring her jacket, and then she refused to wear mine or Tyler's once she realized she needed one. She played about 3 minutes and then declared she was done. Would not move. 

But Max sure enjoyed playing on the sidelines! Poppy and James were so nice to come and watch the game. 

Millie may have refused to play, but no one turns down the post-game snack!

She wanted to wear her uniform for the rest of the day. We took a picnic to a park we don't always go to and had a lot of fun.

Can't wait for more soccer games!

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