Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter 2016

Gigi came by on Saturday and brought the kids some Easter goodies, including those adorable bunny ears!

I decided to make some festive cookies for my YW lesson on Sunday. The bunnies look like they have chicken pox and they all took much longer to decorate than I think was worth it, but oh well. I don't do stuff like this often and this is why!!

Millie woke up before Max and Tyler so I kept her company in her room for a bit. She was so excited to see what the Easter bunny brought!

Family picture before church. 

I don't know why I always pile on the stuff on big days like this - I went early for choir and sang in church, taught a YW lesson, and we had both our families over for dinner (and to celebrate Max's bday, which I'll get to later). It was a busy day but we loved reflecting on the gift of our Savior and celebrating Him with our family!

Princess party

Millie was so excited to go to her first friend birthday party! And even better, a princess party. She laid out her "real Cinderella dress" 4 days beforehand! Brenna sent me these pics and I had to post them because they're so cute.

Millie was so excited to give Vanna some nail polish.

I can't believe Millie is old enough for birthday parties! 

Monday, March 28, 2016


We drove out to Chappell Hill on Saturday with Heidi and James. That wasn't necessarily our planned destination - we just drove until we found bluebonnets! They are so beautiful. Pictures don't do them justice. Pretty much all of Texas was looking for wild flowers too! There were two brides taking pictures in the field where we were. Pretty fun.

I thought my foot was falling asleep...

Nope, my foot was in an ant pile!

The aftermath. Only 5ish bites and they weren't fire ants, so that was lucky.

Thanks to Heidi and James for the pretty pictures!! Love this beautiful time of year.

Waiting for Dad

Pictures by Millie.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Houston Rodeo (again!)

While we had family in town we decided we'd better show them the best rodeo around!! We went on value Wednesday, which I'm not sure I'll ever do again because it was SO crazy crowded, but we still enjoyed it.

I braided all the girls' hair so we would look the part haha.

We picked up Tyler from work and got there before the rest of the fam. The tram ride from the parking lot to the stadium may have been Max's favorite thing!!

The best cinnamon roll ever. We may or may not have have gotten two this year.

Millie threw a giant fit and insisted on sitting on the footrest of the stroller. Gotta just roll with it sometimes.

Max did a little climbing around but was mostly really good. Sometimes he wanted to sit with the big boys.

Stolen pic from Steph. We had 7 seats on one row and 7 on the row behind. Worked really well.

Mom made matching denim skirts for the little girls too. They were a little long but so cute anyway!

The concert was way too loud. Way louder than when we went the week before. Not sure if it was where we were sitting or what. But that's why Millie was plugging her ears above, even in the hall. Max must have been super tired because he still fell asleep even with how loud it was! And yes I covered his ears. That was a long walk down the 7 story ramp with that dead weight haha.

We love the rodeo! Can't wait for next year!

Cousin fun

Lindsay now lives in Texas (eek!! So exciting!) and Stephanie came for spring break so we had a few fun cousin days. 

Checking at the koi at Grandma's pond.

We walked to the splash pad and the kids loved it. First time this year!

Millie got to have two cousin sleepovers in a row - one with Kelsey, the other with Madi. She was pretty jazzed about that!

Had to show them the waterwall!

We decided to celebrate Eva's bday and the kids sang her a happy (but obnoxious) song. So funny.

I think everyone's favorite part of attempting a game of "pin the heart on Eva" was tracing her!

We walked to the pool for a minute and the kids loved wading in the baby part.

Birthday treats!

Dean and Millie were hiding so no one else would play with them! Sneaky cousins!

The Webb kids came over for a few hours on Saturday and we had so much fun.

Final goodbye at Bahama Bucks. Hope we can repeat it all soon!!