Sunday, March 13, 2016

10 on 10: March 2016: Rodeo date

Both my boys got haircuts while Millie was at preschool. *Funny side story: I cut Max's hair and then put him in the tub right next to me while I cut Tyler's. Max turned on the jets but there wasn't enough water so it just was super loud. I turned them off and told Max not to push that button, and Max kept saying, "I so scared. I so scared." His little sentences kill me!

We dropped the kids off with my mom and then it was rodeo time! It was so nice to have a date. First one in a while and a perfect way to celebrate the end of busy season. We tried Texas Pride Grill and the Texas Taters were awesome.

When you're on a date it's really just a series of selfies.

We had a rodeo first - we caught the rodeo runway show! It was kind of hilarious. All the vendors at the rodeo had models and our favorite were the leather stores because their models carried at least 4-5 bags each. Hysterical.

So. Much. Fringe.

Meanwhile, the kids played in a fort at Monka's house!

Luke Bryan was awesome!! So good live. That stadium isn't great for concerts (terrible acoustics) but the environment is so fun anyway. Our seats were wayyyy up high, next to another couple who had won tickets! Ha!

Loved seeing the carnival stuff all lit up as we left. Such a fun day! I need to make winning tickets a yearly thing!

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