Sunday, March 6, 2016

A new park and other adventures

We had to miss ward playgroup this week (fundraiser day) but we wanted to check out the new park they went to anyway. It is so cool! It was shaded and had turf instead of grass, so no worrying about ants or mud or anything like that. The kids loved it and we will definitely go back!

We took Tyler's car in for an oil change and it took a while. Millie and Max were such troopers. They had a cool room for kids with a TV and some toys, but after 1.5 hours they started to get a little stir crazy! Can't blame 'em!

They were singing so sweetly in the back of the car while running errands on Saturday. They were singing different songs so it was a tad noisy but I kind of loved it! Millie and Max are at such fun ages. 

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