Sunday, March 6, 2016


We went to a wedding reception last weekend and Max got to meet Hannah's daughter Abigail. They totally followed each other around and were so cute. They even hugged once. Hannah and I are determined to make this romance last haha.

Last weekend was also our Stake Conference. We took the kids to the adult session and hid in one of the side rooms so they wouldn't disturb the peace, but they were great!

I don't know why I feel so inclined to take a picture every time Max falls asleep on me. Maybe because I know he won't do that forever!

We are trying to be good about morning chores. Sometimes it is me who puts it off, sometimes the kids find other things to do too! Just the beginning I'm sure!

I couldn't stand his handsome self one day and had to document it.

We borrowed this truck from Monka and Millie put it to good use by setting up a princess parade.

We had our YW camp fundraiser this week. The girls sold pizzas and cookies, and on Wednesday we assembled pizzas and had a big pickup night for all the orders. It was a crazy day for me, going to Sam's to get all the ingredients for 170 pizzas (above) and setting up the assembly line at the church. It ended up going really well, but I was exhausted by the end of the day!! 

Dr. Seuss week at preschool. I was hoping "Green Eggs and Ham" would inspire Millie to try new things willingly, but no such luck yet.

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