Sunday, March 13, 2016

Unusual events

I had a bit of a scare the other night. Tyler was working late so I was home alone with the kids. I was on the phone about some YW stuff and got a knock at the door at about 10:15. I am a scaredy-cat and don't even like to answer the door during the day when I don't know who it is, so no way was I going to answer a knock at that late hour! But they were persistent and rang the doorbell several times. After hanging up the phone I texted my neighbor to make sure she wasn't knocking, she said no but she had seen a cop car on our street. We decided I should call someone just in case. So as I'm looking up the non-emergency police number, suddenly I see flashlights shining through our master bathroom window!! I was so scared. I knocked on the window and yelled, "Can I help you?!?" (Funny thing to yell, in retrospect.) I didn't hear the response but quickly dialed 9-1-1. They said it looked like there was an officer on my street and they'd send him over. I called Sharon to ask if she could see anything outside my house, and then emergency response called back and said it was an officer at the door. I opened to find a fire truck, at least one ambulance, and a cop car outside my house with a team of people! They'd gotten a call about a medical emergency at a house that didn't exist on this street, so they were checking with the houses with the nearest numbers. At first I was so mad - why would you ring incessantly and come in my backyard and shine flashlights in my window when it's not even my house you're supposed to be at??? It scared me so badly! But if I were to ever be in a medical emergency I would hope they'd break down the door or window to get to me. It sure took me a while to calm my racing heart though!! Thanks to Sharon for snapping the picture. Funny memories.

Another recent unusual happening was winning rodeo tickets on the radio!! Tyler texted me one Saturday morning and said Luke Bryan was the "artist of the day" on a radio station and you can win tickets every time they play one of his songs! I was doing some driving that day so I kept it on that station, and after a few tries I won!! I was so excited because Luke Bryan was sold out and he was the one I most wanted to see at the rodeo this year. Anyway, so Max and I drove to the radio station to pick up the tickets.

And then, at Max's request, we drove by the waterwall. It was raining so we didn't venture out but he sure loves that place!

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