Saturday, May 21, 2016

Baby #3!

We are going to be a family of 5! Baby #3 is due just after Thanksgiving. We are so excited. 

Millie includes the baby in family portraits now. She can't wait to have a new brother or sister. She says if it's a girl we will name her Cinderella, and if it's a boy we will name him Lightning, after Lightning McQueen. 

Max is in a bit of denial, but I think he will warm up to a new baby after a bit. When we told the kids Millie was squealing in excitement (she's been asking for a baby for a while) and Max just said, "No!" Pretty funny.

This pregnancy has rocked my world a little bit. I seem to be more sick each time! Not a good pattern to be following. But I can tell it's going to be better soon, for which I am so thankful. And I know the kids and Tyler will be glad when I have some energy again and don't spontaneously fall asleep all the time. I've never been such a sleepy head! I seriously can't make it past 9 most nights. I've also had some insomnia, which is fun combined with the fatigue. I wake up in the middle of the night and it takes me a while to fall back asleep. 

I have been a major negative Nancy, but I really am so thankful we get to bring another child to our family! 


Lindsay said...

You are not a negative nancy at all!! You never complain! Plus pregnancy symptoms are very real, but certainly don't take away any love or excitement you have. And I am so excited for you too!! So hoping your sickness goes away ASAP! It's so hard when mom's sick.

Samantha Van Noy said...

Congrats on your coming addition!!!!

annie andersen said...

Congrats Camile!!!! So exciting!!!!! =D