Monday, May 16, 2016

Little things

I told Max it was time to get dressed, and the best thing I knew he had brought over a diaper, wipes, an outfit, and was lying down ready to be changed. I love him.

Fun on the funny chairs.

Max counted and nobody hid!

First flowers for Mom. Melt my heart!

We went out to lunch to celebrate Mom's birthday. So fun to have cousins nearby!

I locked my keys in the car while going in to the library. Luckily Gigi lives close and we were planning to go to her house afterwards anyway - she came to our rescue and took us home to get the spare key and then back to the car. 

Had to check on the new baby ducks!

Went back to Gigi's on Saturday and had the first swim of the year in their pool. Well, Millie and I did. Max will get there eventually, I hope!

Heidi and James and Wesley were there too and we all got to love on baby Wes. The kids were enamored with him!

Must work on my trimming skills. 

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