Friday, May 13, 2016

Mother's Day weekend

There were just too many awesome things that happened over the weekend, to post them all separately would be a lot of posts. Instead, I'm going with one ├╝ber long post. Sorry in advance.

Baby Wesley was born on Friday! We were so excited to go to the hospital to meet him. Even though I have 14 nieces and nephews, this was my first time ever going to the hospital to meet a new baby.  He is just adorable and I'm officially baby hungry. Can't even handle his sweet newborn-ness!

Gigi and Poppy with their 3 grandkids.

On Saturday we went out to the Beaumont area to see Lindsay and Kenny's new house and hang out with them and my parents. Their yard and house are gorgeous and we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day! We swam and played outside all day and it was so fun. Millie legitimately swam for over 5 hours with her cousins! Max wouldn't get more than his feet wet, same with me. I'll get in when the water is a more bearable temperature, thank you very much! 

Max was super scared of their cute dog Cato, so it was a big deal when Max tried to give Cato a car. Maybe a peace offering? I don't know. Pretty funny either way.

Cute cousins. Also, documentation of Max eating watermelon. Totally spontaneous and no one said a word to jinx it.

It was such a fun day and we all went home exhausted!!

I woke up Sunday morning to some sweet snuggles from my Max. No better way to begin Mother's Day.

So thankful for these goofy, adorable kids!

After church we went to Gigi's and Poppy's house for dinner. I neglected to get a picture of any of that but we enjoyed a yummy meal of Tyler's choosing (also celebrating his bday a few days later) and had fun visiting.

I also got to talk to Sarah on her mission! Her first call home. I have a lame screenshot to prove it.

A weekend to remember!

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Joanna Freeman said...

Cam, just caught up on your blog. CONGRATULATIONS on baby #3!! What a lucky baby. You are seriously such a beautiful Mom! Praying for you with the whole pregnancy thing. Tough but of course so worth it! Love you cousin!