Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summer routine

We have been off our game lately. Well, mostly just me, but you know that throws  everyone else off too! Even though my nausea isn't all the way gone, it is definitely improving and I have felt anxious to be "normal" again. I've never been good at being restricted or not well physically. Anyway, on the first Sunday in June I sat down with the kids (we had just taken Tyler to the airport for a work trip) and we talked about fun things we want to do this summer and having a better daily routine. We came up with lots of fun things and lots of good things we needed to do before the fun.

Mostly, I just wanted less TV. We had gotten in the habit of watching more than normal.

So our days look like this lately: breakfast, morning chores (get dressed, make bed, tidy room, hair and teeth), work on memorizing Articles of Faith/read from The Friend, a reading lesson for Millie or we all just read together, then the kids do get to watch a show while I go shower. 

Less TV means more creative play. They made a "campfire" and pretended to roast hot dogs and marshmallows!

We also do other chores as needed, like helping with bathrooms and folding laundry.

After the morning stuff is done we get to go to the park or pool (mostly pool!), run errands, or whatever else comes up. Below the kids were pushing a doll in the stroller while we made a return at the outlet mall. I think if I play this right these two will take care of the baby for me! ;)

The first week of our new routine happened to be when Tyler was in CA. One night when I got the kids in bed by 7:45 (amazing, but hasn't happened since haha) I found the best bed position with my head and feet raised and watched 2 movies. Ice cream might have become involved. Pushing these good habits with kids, especially after becoming lax about it for a bit, is not easy.

Some things we are still working out the kinks with: fitting in some time for me to exercise in the morning (that doesn't involve me waking up early haha) and how to handle sleepy kids. If we swim in the morning (which I like to) we come home for lunch and I put Max right down for a nap. Usually Millie plays or watches a show while I go shower and ends up falling asleep! Which then means she is up until 10:30pm. But if we swim in the afternoon and Max doesn't get a nap, we all really pay for it by 4 or 5. Not sure how to navigate this so any suggestions are welcome!

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