Monday, July 25, 2016

Random from last week

I cleaned out my church bag and found this gem - Millie's portrait of Tyler for Fathers Day! I love it so much. Hilarious.

Wanted to remember the first chapter book Millie and I read together. It helped to start her out with a story she already knew. She loved it and so did I! We are reading "B is for Betsy" now and it is so cute.

Watching cousin Wes have some tummy time.

Gigi and AJ brought over a fun surprise - a sand/water table! The kids love it so much. Another time I'm so grateful for a shaded yard in the evening. I sit outside with my feet up reading a book and they totally entertain themselves/each other. Win win!

Swimming with Uncle AJ! 

One of Tyler's mission companions came into town and we met up with him and his family for lunch. We should have gotten a pic with everyone! And good luck finding Tyler and Matthew, Mod Pizza's wall made for a very confusing backdrop! Haha

Since we were so close, the kids asked to go to the water wall after lunch. Remembering the time we went in the winter and she got soaked and was freezing cold, Millie wanted to be prepared with her rain boots and umbrella! Max had to join in the fun.

By the end we were all sweating like crazy and were glad to put the umbrellas down and get misted a bit!

Uncle AJ spent the night on Friday and we had a fun evening!

He brought the old N64 and we had fun playing those oldies-but-goodies (Mario Kart! Cruisin' USA!) after the kids were down. 

Last time AJ spent the night we got donuts in the morning, so Millie insists its a tradition now. Can't argue with that! Don't even want to!

Found another Millie gem on the iPad.

I switched out lots of pictures on our insta-wall and Max loves looking at them!

These are from Tyler's phone. He got to sub in nursery and said Max was so funny! He clings on to the cars he likes and just watches the other kids to make sure they won't take them away. 

Bowl-licking 101. Tyler and I taught them to use more than just the tip of their fingers to yield bigger licks of brownie batter. Important stuff! 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Some transitions for Max

Max has been doing some growing up! Once we found out we're having a boy, I wanted to start moving things around to make room for him. Like I said, crazy nesting lady over here. As if we need to be ready right now. Anyway, we've been waiting for the right time to take Max's binky away too, so we decided to just make it one huge big boy change and do the binky and bed at the same time! So Max now sleeps on a bed (mattress on the floor until I'm not nervous about him rolling off) and is totally off the binky!

First night in the bed.

When I talked to him about these changes, I suggested a fun pillow to replace the binky and to use on his new bed. Lightning McQueen pillow, Thomas the Train pillow, whatever he wanted. He very firmly said he wanted a Lightning McQueen toy instead. Deal, buddy! So Max got a Lightning McQueen and Mater and happily threw his binky in the trash.

The transition has been awesome! He has asked for his binky a couple times, but only when he has been upset during the day (when he wouldn't have been able to have it anyway, since we've used it for sleeping only for a while). Never even mentions it at night or nap time. He does take longer to fall asleep but he is good about staying in bed (I have zero patience for kids getting out of bed and both of mine know it). He typically falls asleep with a book in his hand.

Thank goodness for this sweet boy who makes these changes easy on me! Hopefully Max adjusts to baby brother just as easily!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Baby boy!

Last week we found out we are having a boy!!! I have been feeling like this pregnancy is similar to my pregnancy with Max, apparently for good reason. We are so excited!! 

The first two pictures below were taken one day apart (both just before working out). Funny how growth is not linear! It's also funny how I can feel so  amazed at and proud of my body for successfully growing healthy humans while simultaneously wanting to hide under a potato sack while it all occurs. Feeling very matronly, not in a good way most of the time.

A friend of mine randomly asked if she could bring me some maternity clothes. When I got home I was totally floored!! Such cute clothes and definitely a boost I needed. People are so so kind.

The ultrasound at my last appt went well. Baby is measuring over a week ahead and has a large noggin. Very much like Max. The doctor said she wants me to have an ultrasound every 4-6 weeks to check on growth because of my thyroid issues. Not sure growth is going to be a problem when the baby is obviously growing fine so far, but I don't mind seeing the baby a few more times!

Tyler and I decided to not find out the gender at the ultrasound, but to wait and find out with the kids! It was so hard to look away when the info was so easily accessible. But we did it, and the techs wrote it down on a piece of paper and then ensured we wouldn't see through it! Haha

Tyler then took that paper to Sprinkles Cupcakes, where they boxed up the appropriate cupcakes. That night the kids and I were in Beaumont, and it was so hard for all of us to wait to find out!! But the anticipation is so fun too.

Millie drew a cute pic of her, Max, and the baby.

And on the other side she drew a cupcake with pink on the inside (her guess) and her fingers poking around. Pretty darn cute.

We finally all made it home Friday evening, hurried through dinner, and then it was cupcake time!!

Hard to see in the pic but we found blue! 

I made a video of everyone's reactions, but I can't figure out how to put the link in here using my phone. 

So I'm 21 weeks now. Ever since learning we're having a boy, I've felt like a crazy nesting person! I don't remember doing that with either previous pregnancy, so it's kind of funny to me. But we definitely have some arranging to do before the baby is born, and I'm trying to not worry too much about having it all done right this second. One step at a time! 

I'm mostly feeling great. I still have random, infrequent waves of nausea and dry heaving, but for the most part that is gone, for which I'm so so grateful. I keep joking that I've entered the "bottomless pit" portion of the pregnancy - I can't stop eating!! My energy is back too, thank goodness. I have felt more weak in general this time, not really sure why. This guy just seems to be taking more out of me. I still have some insomnia, and usually wake up for a couple hours a night. In fact, this post is coming to you from 4am! What a party. This means I'm often unconscious by 9pm, so I'm just loads of fun these days haha. 

We can't wait to meet baby boy Juergens in November!!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Cousin sleepover

Kerri and her kids came into town (from Germany!) for a few days, so we went to Lindsay's house for a night so we could all be together for a bit. It was a quick trip but so fun! Thursday was Lyla's birthday so we celebrated with cake and ice cream, and the cousins sang Happy Birthday to her probably 15 times. 

Mom took the pic below when trying to take a video. Not sure how it ended up black and white!

Tyler (or Tyler cousin as my kids refer to him) is so sweet with Max. Max loves him.

Friday morning the kids were begging to swim starting at 7am! We managed to hold them off until about 10. We swam and had lunch and took off shortly after.

Max used to fear Cato but now he is Cato's biggest fan!

Before we left on Friday Lindsay made us some delicious raspberry lime rickis! Took me back to my days at Arctic Circle. It was the perfect poolside treat.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Little things

Finally tried Wal-Mart's grocery pickup. Not sure why I waited so long! It's a game changer! Had to document us grocery shopping in the car. 

We found Max in my room just chilling in a laundry basket. He makes us laugh so hard!

Our family is on a major quest to eat healthier/expand our children's picky palates. It's a huge part of my life currently, as every meal takes forever and the food war is ongoing. Below was a carrot battle. 

Millie was totally mesmerized by the gymnastics at the Olympic trials! 

We haven't done the park much lately because it's so stinkin' hot, but we toughed it out for a bit one morning.

Love my goofy kids!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

5 on 10: July 2016

It's a bummer when the 10th falls on a Sunday because it's hard to get 10 pictures! So 5 it is this time.

1: We got to attend Wesley's baby blessing! Thanks Heidi for the pic!

2-5: After a walk around the neighborhood, we watered the lawn and had fun throwing a tennis ball against the house.