Tuesday, July 12, 2016

4th of July+

We didn't have a super eventful 4th of July, which was kind of nice because we were so exhausted! The lawn needed some help, and we had some surprise helpers. Gigi and Poppy have helped with our lawn several times this summer, which is so sweet of them. As if they don't have enough going on! But they always make time to serve others and are great examples. AJ was sweet to come too - we're happy to have him home the rest of the summer! 

We got to tag along with Gigi, Poppy, and AJ for lunch at Harris County Smokehouse. We had breakfast for lunch, and it was probably one of the best breakfasts I've ever had. Dead serious.

The rest of the day was fairly quiet. I went to the store (by myself! Score!) to stock up our fridge and we did lots of laundry. Poor Tyler was in a lot of pain from a really bad sunburn. I put lotion on his back several times and the kids laughed when I drew a face with it.

Even though we didn't do anything super festive, we were prepared with 4th of July shirts. Can't resist them.

I promised the kids a patriotic popsicle after dinner if they ate, but they did not. So I ate mine in front of them and Max cried. Maybe one day they'll learn to eat their food! Tough love baby!

The rest of the week was pretty low key too. We did finally make it to the library after not going for a while. I love our car rides home from there because they can't wait to look at the books they got!

Finally earned a popsicle, on July 5th haha

We recently discovered our sprinkler system isn't working (funny discovery to make in July - just shows how much rain we've had!) so we spend our evenings watering the lawn. Usually the kids get wet, whether or not they're wearing the appropriate clothing.

Love this scooter gang!

We loved having the Bakers in town for a bit longer than expected. These three girls, born within two months, are becoming cute cousin friends. With all the 4-yr old emotions, displayed below.

Actually, they were pretending to be dragons. I asked for dragon faces, happy dragon faces, and regular happy girl faces. 

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Marissa Anderson said...

hahah that pic of you eating in front of the tortured max. you're the best!