Wednesday, July 6, 2016

California trip {day 2}

First day at Disneyland!! And a gazillion pictures to prove it. It was a super hot but fun day.

On the Casey Jr Circus train. Max's favorite.

Flying with Dumbo!

Millie and I did the tea cups while the boys watched.

We waited in line to meet Merida and afterwards Millie said she didn't want to meet the princesses, just pass by them. ???

After lunch everyone took a nap. Tyler and Millie woke up and went back while I waited for Max to wake up. We joined probably a half hour later. As soon as Max was up he was pulling me out the door!

Storybook land boat ride (I think??)

Max loved seeing a big Buzz Lightyear, but when it came to the actual ride both kids were scared of the dark.

We waited in line to see Mickey - the longest one we ever stood in! Luckily, they played old cartoons and had fun things to look at inside Mickey's house.

Max was being so funny that night!

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