Friday, July 8, 2016

California trip {day 3}

The kids were so excited for another day at Disneyland!

We went to the Bugs Life stuff first. The kids loved the caterpillar ride and we loved that it had no line. :)

None of us had ever been on a ferris wheel before, and a Mickey ferris wheel was a great first one!

View from the top.

Toy Story Midway Mania. One of the longer lines we waited in - but it moved pretty well.

When someone offers to take a pic for you, you just take whatever pic comes!

Even though Millie didn't want to officially meet anymore princesses, we couldn't even see Elsa and Anna without meeting them. They had their own room that looked straight out of the movie, and the whole thing was inside, so it was totally pleasant.

While waiting for the talking with Crush show, Max was being so funny!

The show was hilarious. We ended up going again in the evening and it was definitely a highlight!

A bad picture to remember a nice moment. We were walking by the Monsters, Inc. ride trying to decide if we wanted to ride, and a Disney employee asked if we wanted to ride it without waiting. Uh, yeah! She gave us some passes and we skipped the 30+ minute line. So so nice.

Then we went to Cars Land!

It was totally adorable. Maybe one of my favorite parts.

Millie was not interested in the Mater ride so I just took Max. He was so excited.

We got to meet Lightning McQueen and Mater! Definitely a highlight for Max. I loved watching him be so excited.

After a late lunch, we went back and caught the Frozen Live show. We had Fast Passes but even the line for that was long.

So worth it! The show was amazing and Max slept through almost all of it. Win win.

After the show I took the kids back to the Crush show while Tyler ran outside the park to get us all dinner (again, hero of the trip). Wanted to remember the cool little theater/waiting area where they showed clips of different Disney movies in different stages of animation. It was such a fun area to hang out in, out of the heat.

After dinner we walked over to Paradise Pier again and finally convinced Millie to go on King Triton's Carousel. She thought the ride involved water and so refused it until that point. Glad we could clear that up! Haha

Then we hung out and waited for the World of Color show. The weather was just so darn pleasant and we just enjoyed chatting about the fun time we had had the last couple days. It was such a nice moment.

I loved Paradise Pier. Kind of reminded me of "Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken" and it was adorable. Also, I'm kinda proud of the picture below. If Disney wants to buy it from me I totally don't mind!

The show finally started at 9, and the kids were ready to go back to the hotel after about... 7 minutes. I was a little disappointed to miss it but wasn't about to push them!

We ended up walking back to the hotel instead of taking the shuttle. It was just such a nice night and even though we were all totally exhausted, I didn't want it to end! We had such a great experience and were so grateful we went. 

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