Friday, July 8, 2016

California trip {day 6}

On Saturday we drive out to San Clemente for some more beach time! The Denning family was so sweet to host us. Yummy food, gorgeous weather, just an all-around great time.  

Max didn't let me put on his swim suit but was so happy playing in the sand.

And now for some better-than-iPhone-quality-pictures! Thanks to Kurt for these.

L to R: Rob, James, Tanner, AJ, Garrett, and Tyler. These guys were doing crazy boy stuff for much of our time there. Very entertaining and no one was injured, so it was a win win.

There was a commuter train the passed right by the beach every so often, and Max got to excited every time!!

Sheri has a cute online shop and was so nice to give each of us a beautiful apron and the kids got cute T-shirts too. She even gave me a onesie for the baby! So so sweet.

After that we went back to our hotel. Both kids fell asleep in the car (they were troopers for all the car time on this trip! There was a lot). We looked up some places to eat and happened to choose one that pretty much shared a parking lot with the hotel! We discovered this after buckling everyone in, of course. But we enjoyed a yummy dinner and settled in for the night. Millie needed to be worn out after her nap, so before bed I took her swimming at the indoor pool in the hotel. She thought it was pretty magical that there could be a pool inside and we had a fun time just the two of us.

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