Sunday, August 7, 2016

Family time

We have had lots of family in town at different points over this summer! These are some family adventures from the last week or so.

AJ is heading back to BYU soon so we had a fun weekend with the Juergens crew. Max and Millie love it when Uncle AJ buries them in stuffed animals.

A fun swim day! And Max and Wes kill me in this pic. 

Max is getting so brave in the water. Tyler was teaching him how to catch the ball while jumping in. Entertaining and adorable!

Tim and Lauren also came to H-town for the end of summer. Tim received quite a welcome the other day! He is one loved uncle!

We had a fun FHE with everyone (Bakers, Westons, Tim and Lauren, and us) where my parents answered questions about their lives. The older I get the more I love and appreciate my awesome parents!

We also went out to the Westons for a night. Linds was so nice to host us all, her due date just a day or two away!

Scripture stories with Uncle Kenny

Linds deserved a little pampering and needed pink toes before her baby girl was born, so we had a little spa moment after the kids went down.

We had to have Uncle AJ come to our pool at least once! It was fun for the kids to have a strong uncle there to throw them around a bit!

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