Monday, August 15, 2016

Little things

Accidental matching moment and excitement about truck stamps! I'm really not sure how I managed to dress 3 people all in tie-dye. Must have been in quite a mood.

A morning swim really tuckered Max out one day. I've never had a kid fall asleep at the table before!

A happy reading moment.

We tried Blue Bell's new flavor - Cookie Two Step. Back in high school when I worked at Arctic Circle this was the same as the shake I used to get - Oreo and cookie dough - and I've always thought it should be a Blue Bell flavor because Blue Bell is the best. So it was literally my dream come true! And it tastes amazing. Duh.

Millie wanted to look at the Oriental Trading Halloween catalog as her "bedtime story" one night. So weird and funny. Now we all want pumpkin cookies and cooler temps!

I got to have another ultrasound at my last doctor appointment! Baby was not cooperating the last time and they couldn't get some measurements. Always love another chance to see him! The tech saw a little fat roll on the back of his neck, which is so cute. She got a good view of his face (what they couldn't see last time, as he was straight-up hugging the placenta haha) and turned the machine to 3D mode for a second to capture this sweet picture. I don't really like ultrasound pictures typically but this was pretty adorable! Can't wait to meet this boy.

Millie and Max sure get silly together sometimes!

Whenever Tyler wears his hat, you can bet that Max is going to find his too. Max is a major follower so I'm glad he has a great dad to lead him!

The kids were a little rowdy in Best Buy so I told them to do wall sits. And then they actually did! I was laughing so hard. It totally kept them quiet and in one place for a few seconds. 

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