Saturday, November 19, 2016

Weekend fun

We had a cool morning and went outside to pull weeds and vacuum the cars. Millie wasn't sure how to handle the "cold." It was maybe 65 degrees.

Camping out in the car.

Later that day some sweet friends from our ward threw me a diaper shower. I'm sure thankful for our ward and the awesome people in it!

We also put up Christmas that weekend. I knew we wouldn't want to do it after the baby came so we broke the rules a bit.

I sat back with my feet up and let the kids decorate both trees. Feels good to let go.

And a picture with my little boyfriend after church. I was unable to hold him very much (too much for my back) and we both missed it. Sometimes he would beg and I just couldn't say no!


I really wanted to take the kids out for a one-on-one date before the baby was born. My opportunity with Max came when Millie went to play at a friend's house. We went to Target and wandered the toy aisles for a bit and then went to McDonald's for lunch. It was so fun spending time with just Max! I kind of adore him!

Trying not to be offended that his first order of business on our date was to fall asleep. Haha

As we were leaving McDonald's an employee gave Max a free ice cream cone, just because. His cuteness gets him all kinds of free stuff! 

Tyler wanted to arrange my date with Millie, which was super sweet. He surprised us with a manicure and pedicure! We went to a cute place Millie has always been curious about. They have a pink limo for parties so automatically it's awesome.

The funny thing about it was that it's a kids place! Which we didn't know until we got there. But at that point Millie was nervous to do it herself and I felt silly backing out, so I climbed my almost-38-weeks-pregnant self onto the bench next to my 4 year old and got a pedicure! The girl kept saying things like, "Wow, you fit in there!" And "I've never had a customer older than 12 before!" So I felt super awesome.

But honestly, even though I felt silly it was really fun to do that with Millie. She felt super special and was so excited. Plus, it was nice to have my toes painted for me! 

We had a couple spectators too.

And our last family-of-four date. Our kids love IHOP!

10 on 10: November 2016

1. The completed dressers!

2. Gymnastics 

3. Baby boy's blanket progress. That dark color is actually navy, not black.

4. Max did not want to hear whatever song we were listening to haha

5. Found this gem on the ipad, taken by Millie one night.

6. Max has two pairs of suspenders and they're slightly big on him so he uses them for a dog leash or whatever he needs at the moment.

7. Had to access my own blog to find a pic from Christmas when Tyler set up these tracks so I could figure out how to get them together! An unexpected use for my blog haha

8. Millie came into the bathroom where I was cleaning and suggested I go rest and that she would clean. Love that sweet girl.

9. A race to Ms. Sharon's and back.

10. The funnest load of laundry is always the tiny clothes right before you have a baby! It gets less fun when you have to wash the milk/spit up/poop off of them, but that first time is always exciting.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Baby prep

It's getting real folks! 37 weeks below. This was before heading to a doctor's appointment. Millie asked me where I was going and after I told her, she asked why I looked so fancy! Haha I guess my normal at-home attire (leggings and one of Tyler's T-shirts) isn't impressing her.

I've been looking for a dresser for a long time and have finally found a solution! The available space in the baby's room is really weird and small since we also have our old queen bed in there (guest bed) and there are two doors into the room. Instead of investing in a nice piece of furniture that possibly wouldn't fit well in any other space, we got two Ikea Rasts. Cheap and small and perfect! So I painted and assembled them last week. The kids love painting with me.

Assembling furniture at almost 38 weeks pregnant. Doesn't get much cuter than that.

Other things 

Beginning November

We started November by making our Thankful tree. We have forgotten to do our leaves a few days already but when we remember it's one of my favorite traditions! 

I've seen cute trees you can print but I love doing it with the kids and seeing their doodles, even if my trees aren't the best!

I took the kids with me to vote early. I was trying to make it a valuable learning experience and teach them why we are so blessed to live in a place where our voices can be heard, etc. But as I was casting my vote, Millie asks me, "What kind of party is this?" Haha I guess I wasn't getting through to her like I thought!

A little game of Candy Land. Actually three games, because Millie insists every player gets a chance to win.

Max covers his ears in public bathrooms. 

I haven't made a hat in a while and last week I made two! By the time this month is over I will have attended baby showers for 5 different people. Okay one is me, but still. It's a crazy swarm of pregnant ladies out here.

Millie had a friend over and drew a to-do list! 

We had a fun dinner at IHOP. Hooray for credit card rewards, free kids meals, and empty restaurants!

Haircuts for the boys. Millie asked if she could have one too, but she needs to be able to pull her hair in a ponytail.

Millie has never attached to any one toy/stuffed animal, but Max is making up for it by attaching to every thing he has and insisting on sleeping with it all! 

Tyler brought home a chick flick for me and Sharon brought over the newest Blue Bell flavor! Not a bad night for me!!