Saturday, November 19, 2016

10 on 10: November 2016

1. The completed dressers!

2. Gymnastics 

3. Baby boy's blanket progress. That dark color is actually navy, not black.

4. Max did not want to hear whatever song we were listening to haha

5. Found this gem on the ipad, taken by Millie one night.

6. Max has two pairs of suspenders and they're slightly big on him so he uses them for a dog leash or whatever he needs at the moment.

7. Had to access my own blog to find a pic from Christmas when Tyler set up these tracks so I could figure out how to get them together! An unexpected use for my blog haha

8. Millie came into the bathroom where I was cleaning and suggested I go rest and that she would clean. Love that sweet girl.

9. A race to Ms. Sharon's and back.

10. The funnest load of laundry is always the tiny clothes right before you have a baby! It gets less fun when you have to wash the milk/spit up/poop off of them, but that first time is always exciting.

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