Saturday, December 9, 2017

Weekend adventures

The first weekend of December was a busy and fun one! Tyler and I went to his company Christmas party on Friday night. It was at the Museum of Natural Science, which was really fun. We got to walk around most of the museum and see lots of different exhibits. Note to self for next time: wear comfortable shoes!

Dinosaurs! Seriously, they were huge. It was incredible.

They had a magician there doing tricks. He was really good! 

The gems exhibit was beautiful!

And a miniature Houston, which was super cool. 

The night was really fun, but the food was not super yummy! Luckily we went into the evening with a backup plan and picked up Whataburger on the way home. 

The kids had a great evening with Poppy. They set up a tent in the living room and watched Christmas movies! Lucky kids.

This picture melted my heart.

On Saturday afternoon Millie had a little gymnastics competition. It was her first time really being scored. She wasn't feeling 100% but did really well! It's so fun to watch her do her thing.

A coy little smile during her floor routine.

Everyone got a medal, but also ribbons according to their scores.

These events are SO crowded but the boys were good spectators! 

Games by the Christmas tree on Sunday. 

Brownies and peppermint ice cream while watching the First Presidency Christmas Devotional. A nice, low-key (and super delicious) way to finish off a busy weekend!

Friday, December 8, 2017

End of November

A Dad sandwich.

I found some cowgirl boots on clearance and just couldn't resist! Millie has worn them to school a couple of times and loves them. 

Got this text from Millie's Primary teacher .

Harvey being cute on a walk to the park.

Some close-ups of our thankful tree.

One last look at the tree before I took it down. Yes, our tree defies the laws of biology and has two differently shaped leaves!

And Millie came home from school with this in her backpack. So sweet.

Another killer sunset. Can't stop won't stop.

Guess we need to raise the hoop for Max? Haha

Some naughtiness from Harvey. That boy just can't seem to stay out of trouble!

But then he takes a 2.5 hour nap and all is forgiven.

 We made telescopes during our outer space unit at preschool and Max loved to look at it in the car for a few days. 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Thanksgiving weekend

We partied it up on our last few days of Thanksgiving break! I started Black Friday off right with some snuggles from Harvey by the tree. Doesn't get better than that.

We did go to Kohl's after breakfast and I just couldn't help but snap a picture of Tyler carrying my finds through the store. That's a good man right there!

Monka, Umpa, and the Webbs came out our way and we had a picnic at a park. It was a beautiful day.

Monka got some Harvey snuggles!

Not sure what got into us but we decided to go to the outlet mall and do a little shopping. We ended up parking at our church building, which is right next to the outlets. Much faster to walk over than to fight the craziness of the parking lot! It was SO crowded. Never seen anything quite like that. But we had fun. Harvey let Steph hold him too which was sweet.

The kids entertained themselves (and the rest of the outlet mall patrons) by pretending to be mannequins. They got some hilarious reactions, Leighton especially. 

We were all tired after that but really needed some Mexican food. We introduced Umpa and the Webbs to Chuy's, and it was a hit all around!

Then back to our house for ice cream and games.

Saturday morning the kids and I met up with Heidi, James, and Wes for a little while. We took a picnic to the boardwalk and let the kids run around there. It was so fun but so hot!

Harvey looked like one of the big kids, just sitting on the floor grabbing a drink. I can't handle it sometimes. Too cute and too grown up!

Grabbed a picture of all the Juergens grandkids (for Gigi and Poppy's Christmas card) while we had them together. 

After wrapping up our picnic the kids and I went home to grab Tyler and some gear before heading to the beach with the Andersen clan! We drove out to La Porte to play at Sylvan Beach Park. It was a lot cooler by the water than out at our house! The kids loved playing in the sand. It was Harvey's first time at the beach and he seemed to like it.

First touch of sand.

Those tiny footprints in the sand melted my heart!!

Before we left we wanted to walk to the end of the pier, but when we got over there we learned that it's for fishing and you have to get a permit. Bummer.

Great way to finish a great weekend!