Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A good weekend

Millie spent almost the whole weekend putting together the lego dollhouse she got for her birthday. She was so excited about it!

Millie also recruited anyone who would help her. I spent a lot of Saturday working on it with her and Tyler finished it with her on Sunday. Also notice Harvey in the wrap. Not an uncommon occurrence. It's the only way I get stuff done.

The kids and I were in the garage for a while and Max took a shovel to build a nest for worms. Not sure where he got the idea, but he sure worked hard on it.

A new way to win staring contests!

Max was especially handsome on Sunday so I asked Tyler to take some pictures of him on his new phone. This boy! He kills me!

And our 5 year old Millie. She still loves to wear her dress from Mitchell and Shayna's wedding. Can't blame her!

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