Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Little things

Gigi and Poppy gave the kids new bikes for Christmas and they love riding them in the dead-end street across the road.

I was eating breakfast but apparently Max thought I needed more!

You know you use your baby wrap a lot when....

Millie and Max get so excited when they find Harvey awake. Even if he's asleep, they kiss him over and over.

All bundled up in the wrap to watch the kids ride their bikes.

Max is getting the hang of his balance bike. He's going to be zooming around on that thing in no time!

We loved having Uncle AJ (and Uncle Tim and Aunt Lauren) around a little longer before school started again.

Making Harvey smile is my favorite thing!

I also want to remember the way he often sticks his legs straight out while nursing. Not sure how it's comfortable but it's adorable!

Buzz Lightyear adores his little brother.

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