Monday, January 9, 2017

Swagger wagon

We have needed a new car for a little while. We couldn't fit 3 car seats in my little Mazda Tribute, so Tyler and I switched cars for a little while. The Mazda grew less and less reliable (can't blame it, it is 15 years old!) and it was pretty inconvenient to have all the kids in a row in the car. So on Tyler's last day at home over Christmas we took the plunge and got a minivan! Thanks to Poppy for referring us to a friend of his who gave us a great deal.

Tyler did the test drive and paperwork (traded in the Mazda, hooray!) and we went with him to pick it up later that afternoon. I got out of the old car and into the minivan to feed Harvey while Tyler switched the car seats. Then Max needed a diaper change. I was laughing so hard - it felt like a true initiation into our family for the van! 

The kids love it (we all do)! They often say, "I love this van!" and they're quick to correct anyone who calls it a car.

We're feeling old now - 3 kids and a minivan! Wow!

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