Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Houston Rodeo 2017

We love the Houston rodeo! We were planning to go earlier in the month but because we were all sick we had to postpone. Luckily Heidi and James were flexible and willing to come later with us.

The tram from the parking lot to the rodeo is always a highlight for Max. He asked to go back to the "train" several times throughout the day.

We walked through this vendor with a bunch of cowhide rugs, and Millie yelled, "These are cowtastic!" We got some amused looks from everyone around. She's pretty witty, that girl!

Not long after we got there we went upstairs to find a quiet place where I could feed Harvey. We made ourselves comfortable in a random hallway and I got him out and noticed he felt wet. Then I looked down and realized he wasn't just wet. He'd had a major blowout, and now there was evidence on both of us! I took him to the bathroom and tried to get him cleaned up. He was screaming and I was scrambling to find the extra outfit that's usually in the diaper bag. Some nice rodeo volunteer held Harvey (just in a diaper at that point) while I emptied the bag only to find there was no outfit! So I wrapped him up, thanked the lady, and got out of there. You can't see much on me in the pic below but he got me pretty good!

We went back downstairs on a mission to find a new shirt for both of us, but Harvey was in just a diaper for a while. And I was walking around with poop on my shirt for a while too. I was anxious to change but if there's any place in the world where it's permissible to have poop on your shirt, it's probably a livestock show and rodeo! The smell fit right in too haha.

Max was super excited to show the bunnies his "girl bunny" that he carries around everywhere these days.

Biggest bunny we've ever seen!

So excited when Heidi, James, and Wes arrived!

And we finally found shirts for Harvey and me. Turns out it was a good time to need a new shirt at the rodeo - all the official merchandise was on sale because it was the last weekend of the rodeo! Score.

Then it was finally time for cinnamon rolls. And Freebirds for the adults.

Tyler made rope at the rodeo as a kid, so he was excited to have the kids have that same experience. They picked their own colors and helped twist the handle that spins the rope around. That plus a sheriff's badge made them feel like they belonged at a rodeo for sure!

And they tried out their lassoing skills on Dad during another Harvey feeding.

This picture doesn't do justice to how big the rodeo is! And it was a nice cloudy day too.

Our last stop was to see mutton bustin' and the pig races! Millie didn't want to try mutton bustin' but says maybe next year.

Such a fun day! Texas forever!

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