Thursday, May 25, 2017

Another week

I wanted to go for a run, so the boys sat patiently in the stroller and Millie rode her bike the whole way. They were so sweet and I was especially proud of Millie. She said, "This is tiring, but fun!"

Our neighborhood pool isn't open during the week yet but Gigi and Poppy are sweet to let us come swim anytime. 

Harvey isn't much of a cuddle so when he laid his head down on my shoulder I had to document it, even with no makeup and bedhead.

Millie drew a picture of her and Gigi swimming. The purple thing in the corner is the pool vacuum, which both Millie and Max are a little obsessed with/afraid of.

A funny picture to remember a project. We've had some leaky outdoor spigots and I totally fixed them! Watched some YouTube visits, made a Home Depot run, and fixed them. I was inordinately proud of myself.

Harvey's first swim! 

It's so funny to see the personality differences in our kids. Millie had her first swim around 5 months and was splashing and trying to lick the water and just loved it. She is still a fish now. Max screamed his first several times in the pool around 4 months and every year we have to drag him into the pool crying a few times before he remembers that swimming is fun. Harvey wasn't super splashy or excited but was happy to be there and watch his siblings play. It'll be funny to see how he'll like it as he gets older.

I caught Tyler singing to the kids at bedtime and he was using Max's sandal as a microphone. They thought it was hilarious! He's such a fun dad.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Millie update

Millie is seeming more grown up by the day lately! She's almost 5.5 years old. She recently finished her soccer season, finished swim lessons, and moved up a level in gymnastics.

Her team was so fun - everyone was from our ward. The coaches were so sweet with the kids and made it really fun for them.

We stopped doing swim lessons now that it's warm enough to swim outside! She's got a good base now and we're thankful for her nice coaches who taught her so much.

And of course this cute pic from Cy-Palooza. We'll keep her in gymnastics for now because she's enjoying it so much. I couldn't count how many cartwheels and handstands and headstands she does in the living room every day! Girlfriend can't keep her feet on the ground very long. Love her energy.

Millie doesn't love sleep lately. She has a hard time falling asleep and wakes up early in the morning ready to go. She's so full of life and doesn't want to miss a thing.

She is getting to be a good little reader but still prefers to do math workbooks. 

She's super excited for kindergarten in the fall! Especially to ride the bus. I'm not sure what I'll do without her.

Her favorite foods are chicken and rice, spaghetti and meatballs, waffles, and chicken nuggets. Her favorite treats are all treats!

There's still a few words she says that are not right but I'll be super sad when she fixes them: "aminals," "naybe," and "skabetti."

Millie loves to draw and color still, and gets better at that all the time!

We love our Millie Mae!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Harvey at 6 months

Oh Harvey! We just adore this little guy. If we could keep him this age forever we totally would. I can't believe how quickly these 6 months have gone. 

At 6 months, Harvey still has just 2 teeth. There have been several times where I can see and feel new teeth just below the skin but then they back up and don't come in all the way. Such a bummer. He's been working hard on those but they're just not here yet.

He eats solids 3 times a day and has loved everything he's tried, but now that he's tried lots of stuff he doesn't like peas anymore. Can't blame him one bit. I pump 2 times a day and the rest of the time he gets formula. I feel a little bit bad that nursing him will not have lasted as long as the other kids, but it is what it is.

Harvey weighed in at 19 lbs 9 oz (85%), was 28.25" tall (97%), with a 17.9" head (96%) at his 6 month checkup. He's a growing boy!

He's a pretty curious guy and can army crawl where he needs to go. I've had several talks with Millie and Max about leaving their stuff around, especially little stuff. Harvey ate some paper instructions to one of Max's toys and it was a good lesson! 

Harvey's best laughs come when he's on the verge of tears.

He takes 2-3 naps per day and does well at night. He had a little cold a couple weeks ago and slept 12 hours straight for the first time in his life and now does it almost every night! Not bad! He's enjoying his crib. We moved him to his own room a few weeks ago... maybe around 5 months? I don't remember exactly when.

He is just a super happy and smiley boy and we love him to bits!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Mother's Day weekend

Tyler got home Friday night and the kids were so excited to see him! They gave him his birthday presents when they woke up Saturday morning, since his birthday was on Thursday while he was gone. 

And then, in true Tyler fashion, he had spent the week of his birthday thinking about what to do for me for Mother's Day. Saturday included a massage and haircut for me! First haircut in almost 2 years. It was super sweet of him and so nice to relax for a while.

Above is the before and below is the after, though hopefully that is obvious!

Harvey "helped" me prepare my lesson for Sunday.

Tyler offered to let me sleep in on Mother's Day but that's kind of hard with 9:00 church. I did have him take some pictures of me and the kids though and I love them. If you can't tell by my crazy amounts of blog posts, I'm afraid of forgetting these crazy and happy times. I want to remember motherhood at this stage and these adorable kids and my relationships with them. I just love them all so much.

Being their mother is one of my greatest blessings! I hope to be worthy of it.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

10 on 10: May 2017

1. Entertainment for hours

2. This happy boy destroys a lot of stuff in his path with that walker. Eventually his brother and sister will learn not to leave their stuff out (maybe).

3. Is that safe?

4. He chews so hard on that thing sometimes.

5. "Just close your eyes and stuff, Harvey!" - Max

6. We listen to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack (or the Sing soundtrack) so much lately. 

7. Evening bike rides. We recreate this picture every year and it's so fun to see this bike gang grow!

8. Millie is all about the tricks and pretending her bike is a horse right now. So much like me as a kid.

9. Max being super helpful.

10. The other thing I sewed while Tyler was gone - a dress for Mother's Day! It's definitely not perfect but I'm pretty proud of myself for not having a pattern and for my limited sewing knowledge. Fake it till you make it, folks.

A week without Dad

Tyler doesn't have to travel very much. This is a huge blessing, until he actually does travel and I'm not great at being without him. It always turns out fine but requires a lot of mental pep talks to myself haha. Anyway, he went to California a couple weeks ago and we tried to stay busy.

We can do this!

Some super cute bedhead. It's hard to see Harvey's hair in pictures because it's so light but you can actually tell he has some here.

2 of the women I visit teach are having babies this summer (and my companion just had one! Babies galore). We get to babysit for doctor's appointments sometimes. 

On his last date with Dad, Max kept saying he wanted a burger. Correction: he wanted a booger, but we all knew he meant burger! So when Sharon told me kids meals are $1.99 after 4pm at the new Wendy's just down the road from us, we decided to make a date of it with our kids since both of our husbands were out of town. Max got his "booger" and newsflash, prefers nuggets. But we sure had fun with our friends/cousins.

Until disaster struck. Can you spot it??

Thank goodness for friends who teach you how to build the kids meal toys!

I also whipped out my mom's sewing machine while Tyler was gone. I was sewing for several nights because I'm super slow, but eventually had some fun results. One of Tyler's old shirts had holes along the collar, so I turned it into a little dress for Millie! I just laid down one of her dresses as a pattern and made up the bell sleeve. It turned out a bit small but I made her wear it to church that Sunday anyway haha.

Above: luscious lips! Below: a fort and a flashlight entertained them for a good while. 

Watering the yard every evening. Someday we'll fix our sprinkler system, but for now we enjoy getting outside and sometimes getting wet before bed.

One of the big benefits of bottle feedings is that big sisters can help!