Thursday, May 25, 2017

Another week

I wanted to go for a run, so the boys sat patiently in the stroller and Millie rode her bike the whole way. They were so sweet and I was especially proud of Millie. She said, "This is tiring, but fun!"

Our neighborhood pool isn't open during the week yet but Gigi and Poppy are sweet to let us come swim anytime. 

Harvey isn't much of a cuddle so when he laid his head down on my shoulder I had to document it, even with no makeup and bedhead.

Millie drew a picture of her and Gigi swimming. The purple thing in the corner is the pool vacuum, which both Millie and Max are a little obsessed with/afraid of.

A funny picture to remember a project. We've had some leaky outdoor spigots and I totally fixed them! Watched some YouTube visits, made a Home Depot run, and fixed them. I was inordinately proud of myself.

Harvey's first swim! 

It's so funny to see the personality differences in our kids. Millie had her first swim around 5 months and was splashing and trying to lick the water and just loved it. She is still a fish now. Max screamed his first several times in the pool around 4 months and every year we have to drag him into the pool crying a few times before he remembers that swimming is fun. Harvey wasn't super splashy or excited but was happy to be there and watch his siblings play. It'll be funny to see how he'll like it as he gets older.

I caught Tyler singing to the kids at bedtime and he was using Max's sandal as a microphone. They thought it was hilarious! He's such a fun dad.

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