Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Dude Ranch 2017, day 1

We were sooo excited for the Juergens family reunion! We left for Bandera on Wednesday morning. The kids carried these bags around all morning trying to load up the car for us so as to hurry things along.

And we were off!

We made a pit stop to get Tyler some sunglasses (to protect our eyes from the sun, for any Carina, Carina fans out there) and meet up with Heidi and Wes to caravan, and then one stop at Buccee's of course.

And we made it! The kids wanted to check on Brownie and Gypsy (the miniature horses? ponies? I don't know) very first thing.

Our unit had bunk beds! They were kind of high and we were worried they'd fall off so the kids never slept in them but they sure thought they were fun to play in.

We had fun visiting with everyone as they trickled in. We went to dinner and then learned that they were bringing out a longhorn! Max did NOT want his picture taken on it (and made Garrett hide with him inside haha) but Millie said she would, "Just once." 

I'm thinking this poor longhorn has some neck problems. Those horns were so crooked!

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