Sunday, June 25, 2017

End of May

When I don't give any input on Millie's and Max's outfits, I'm always interested in the results. Sometimes they're pretty hilarious! Both of them are doing some awesome pattern mixing here, but Millie also added Grammy's bracelet and her soccer cleats to make her fast on her bike ride. Love her spunk.

Harvey watches his older siblings' every move!

Another DinoTrux for Max because he finally pooped in the toilet at HOME! That was an unexpected hurdle.

I have so many pictures of all the kids sleeping. It's my favorite thing. 

We got to keep Eva, Leighton, and Dean for a couple nights. It was so fun and our kids think they're the coolest!

So many helpers for an "I Spy" book.

Millie wanted to match hairdos with Eva. Eva is such a sweet girl and I'm so glad Millie has her to look up to!

Max followed Leighton around everywhere, calling him "Laden" which cracked us all up. Leighton was so sweet to play with him and humor him!

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