Monday, June 26, 2017

Funny kids

Millie's doodle on this particular day was inspired by National Donut Day. 

Summer swimming wears the kids out and they fall asleep in the funniest places!

I was making dinner and some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Millie came over and asked to have a cookie, and I told her she could have one if she ate her dinner. She asked what we were eating and I told her pasta, to which she replied, "Cookies sound better." Couldn't agree more, Millie! 

This little one has been through quite the sleep regression lately. It's super frustrating and we're going to have to do some actual sleep training soon!

Max wanted his own pair of goggles. He ended up not loving them but it was kind of worth it for just this picture!

Sometimes Millie dots yogurt all around the edge of the bowl. How does she come up with this stuff???

We've had to remove the chore charts from the wall because Harvey is way too interested in them. It's funny what catches kids' attention.

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