Friday, August 11, 2017


Sometimes I take screenshots of things that inspire me. Not really sure why I do that because I typically don't do anything with them, so I'd like to start. These are some things that have caught my attention lately.

I follow @simplyonpurpose on Instagram and have loved her parenting advice. She did a no-yell challenge recently and while I don't think I made it very far on that, I loved her focus on it and tools to help.

Above: she talked about focusing on the good things our children are doing instead of the negative. She also talked about ignoring "junk behaviors," or the things that are typical for their age and not harmful to anyone, but maybe just bothersome. Focusing on and praising the good (sometimes pointedly in front of a child doing the opposite) will fix the negative behaviors a lot of the time! Just something I wanted to remember.

And then I loved the quote in the middle of this:

Makes me want to master something seemingly impossible. Anyway, just some good thoughts I didn't want to slip away.

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