Friday, July 30, 2010

Did I tell you

that Tyler is coming home TOMORROW?!??

I'm so ready for a not-so-empty house, a big hug, and a happy heart.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The last days... of the week, I mean

Thursday night I had a little GNO (that's Girls' Night Out, fyi [that's for your information, jic you didn't know {that's just in case... okay, I'll stop}]) with Aunt Dana, Giselle, Gabby, and Natty. We ate at Zupas and then saw "Letters to Juliet." We had a great night! The movie was cute, and it was great to catch up with some of my favorite people. :) A little GNO never hurt anyone.

Friday night I made Muddy Buddies. YUM. I wanted to make something for the couple that substituted for my Primary class, but I didn't want to spend the time or the heat making cookies. Muddy Buddies are the perfect solution, and they're not too heavy! But then after making them, a surprise came. A guy from the Juergens' ward in Houston was bringing up some stuff for Garrett and Mitchell for school, and a very special package came! I knew immediately what it was, and I may or may not have squealed. As soon as we were done unloading everything and he left, I ripped open the letter, opened the box, and cried. It was a sewing machine! But not just any sewing machine-- it's my mom-in-law's sewing machine from when they were first married. I was just so overwhelmed with gratitude for her generosity and thoughtfulness! And, Tyler's cuteness. He wrote me a sweet letter, saying that he was going to work a few Saturday's to get overtime to get a machine for me, but then his mom insisted she lend me hers. Such kindness from both of them! I felt so loved. Had to wipe the tears from my eyes quick and go to Cari and Ryan's place. We watched Nacho Libre! Good thing we didn't start until 10-- that movie is way funnier late at night, we realized. Great times. :) I brought the leftover Muddy Buddies and we devoured them.

Saturday was super-productive for me. I cleaned out and reorganized the pantry (resisted alphabetizing the soups... haha), swept out the porch and stairs, put all of Garrett and Mitchell's stuff in our extra bedroom, cleaned off Tyler's desk to make room for the sewing machine (I'm going to have to find a different place for that soon), updated the budget, crocheted a bit, and cleaned the kitchen. I took off for the afternoon to run some errands: went to Rod Works and found the perfect little basket for the decorative balls I made (they look great!), went to the library (unsuccessful-- it was closed), and dropped off the treats and got my manual back from the people that subbed for me. What a day. Then I came home, ate dinner, and then Giselle called! She made my day by inviting me to go play tennis with her, Austin, and Uncle John. We had a great time.

Sunday was a good day. The kids were a little better during class (probably because I brought treats for our lesson on sharing), and sharing time was a hoot. At the beginning, the kids recite an Article of Faith, and this week we were on number 8. The last sentence goes, "We also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God." The little boy in my class turns to me and says, "Wait... the word of GOD?" I nod and smile and gesture for him to be quiet, and then he says very loudly, "Whoa-- that sounds important." All the adults cracked up. Unfortunately, he was loud like that throughout the whole last hour. Maybe I need to bring a muzzle to church. I stayed after for the next ward's meeting because one of my friends from high school was reporting on his mission. It was great to catch up with high school friends. I can't believe everyone's coming home! Makes me feel old. :) After that meeting I went home and made scotcheroos, ate lunch, and crocheted for a bit while watching Pride and Prejudice. Such a great movie! I went to the Wright's for dinner and we had a great time. Thanks to them for letting me crash their family dinner!

This week will be great, especially when it's over. :) But I have a lot to do so it really will be good and *hopefully* go by fast!! Any ideas on something easy, quick, and useful that I can sew to get back into the groove?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

2 years ago today...

*Note: this is not a picture of our first date, but from a date shortly thereafter.

Was my first date with Tyler. What an amazing two years it has been! That night started one of the most wonderful summers of my life. Tyler healed my heart and showed me how to love and be loved. Now look at us!

I love you honey. 6 days until I get to see you again!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A few quirks, plus another report

One thing that made me upset when Tyler first left this summer was having to kill spiders. Weird, yes. Let's not get into that side of it. But I've gotten into a pretty good routine. If they're out of reach, I don't go out of my way to get them. When they are in reach, I usually squish them with a shoe, but leave them there for a few hours. This lets all the other spiders know who's boss.

Every morning, I get my outfit approved by Tyler and/or sisters. Thank goodness for this full-length mirror in our bathroom.

Enough quirky things...

Barbara taught me how to crochet! I am eternally grateful. :) I'm making an afghan (well, we'll see how it goes) and it looks pretty good so far. It's navy, light blue, and white, and it's finally starting to look like a blanket, after looking like a scarf for a few days. I didn't buy nice yarn so it's not going to be the most comfortable thing ever, but it will be something to put in our blankie basket that I made. Pretty cool. Thanks to Barb for her patience with me! AND for being amazing. :) Also, I have a blog book ready to print. Go me. Now I just need to get ready for Tyler to come home-- he'll be here in 9 days!!!!!! This first part of the summer has gone by surprisingly fast. Now I get to enjoy one more month with my honey before the craziness of school starts again-- this time for both of us. Life is so dang exciting!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A wicked-awesome trip to Sin City

Trip in short:
Kim and baby Sam came and stayed with me on Wednesday night, and we left Thursday after work. Got there a little later than planned, but don't worry, it was still plenty warm. :) HOLY COW-- It is so hot there. I'll try not to say anything more about it than that.

Friday brought on sleeping in, looking at scrapbooks, eating monkey bread muffins for breakfast, seeing Toy Story 3, going to outlet malls with Kim and Steph, finding my new favorite pair of capris for $12.99!!, nearly dying of thirst in the (oops, I brought it up again) heat, and eating pazookies as we watched Food, Inc. Ironic, huh? It was a super-informative movie. Very cool.

Saturday: Played and took silly pictures with Eva and Leighton. I seriously can't get enough of those two! Such cute kids. I offered to take them home with me, but I don't think they understood how serious I was. :) We went to a buffet for lunch, and ate WAY too much food. Then we went to the strip, mostly to see the M&M and Coke stores. The Coke store was more fun, as we sampled 16 kinds of Coke from all around the world. It was a little much carbonation, and some of them were pretty gross, but it was a fun experience. Came home and then were off to a new friend of Steph and Andrew's house for a Minute to Win It party. It was a really fun party! Kim and I were paired up and we didn't do so well, but it was great anyway.

Sunday was short, consisting of breakfast, church, lunch, and the long drive home. We got back at about 10:30, and Kim left on Monday morning.

Why do weekends have to end, anyway?? I guess since their called weekENDS, that's just the way it goes.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hobbling through the Half

Waiting at the start line for an hour... so nervous!

It was seriously such a beautiful morning. Perfect for a race

I stayed with Aubrey the first half mile. Better than last time for sure! :)

All smiles in the 6th mile

Mile 12... not as smiley

Nearing the finish line! Aubrey is there in the green shirt. I was so glad she was there to push me at the end

Crossing the finish line! Such a cool feeling

Dry-heaving. No fun

Much recovered-- we ran 13!

Such a fun day. I really want to do another one!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer goals progress report

Before Tyler left, I made some goals. This summer I was going to:

-Run a half marathon
-Learn to french braid my own hair
-Catch up on printing my blog into books
-Read all Jane Austen books
-Did I say learn to crochet? If I didn't, I wanted to.

My progress so far:
-Half marathon: CHECK! Completed on Saturday. Still need to post pics of that.
-French braiding: CHECK again! Heidi showed me how a few weeks ago before she left, and on Saturday I stood in front of the mirror for about an hour until I figured it out. In fact, I have a french braid in my hair today. :) Proud moments.
-Operation Jane: Slowly but surely. I'm on 2 of 6, so I've got to get my butt (or eyes?) in gear.
-Blog printing: Haven't even started! Embarrassing. I've been crafting lots instead though... does that count?
-Crocheting: Again, haven't even started. I don't think that one will be too hard though.

So I'm about halfway there, I guess. So much to do in these last few weeks! I need to focus on those goals instead of watching the Bachelorette. She's not going to pick Chris anyway-- I'm getting my hopes up for nothing! They never pick the one I want.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The fourf-a-lujy

Poor picture quality, awesome kiss quality :)

Picnic at the park. Had to document it because we were being eaten alive, and thought it might have been our last picture together

Rumbi... Yumbi

Before hiking the Y

At the top: Heidi, Gabby, Brady, me, Tyler

I think this is possibly one of the cutest pictures I've ever seen...

Gretchen, Kurt, Heidi, me, Tyler

At a family sing-along, probably
Enjoying a lazy summer afternoon
Brainwashing little Sam: "I am your favorite aunt..."
Too cool for school
The crew at 7 Peaks: Tim, Chris, Cassie, me (behind the camera)
Tim and Chris played soccer constantly, even in the masses of people

It was so fun to have Tyler and the fams here... couldn't have asked for a better 4th of July weekend!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Crazy? Probably.

Do you remember when I said that I wasn't going to run that half marathon anymore? Well, I did it anyway. Aubrey and I went to the Provo mall to pick up our packets (no way was I going to pay $40 and not get the shirt and free stuff) and I just kind of decided to do it! Very spur-of-the-moment of me. I decided I wanted to see how much I could do. So the race was yesterday. I got to Aubrey's place around 5:15 (wow, that alone was insane) and we drove down to Springville. Her husband, Adam, came with us this time, and he rode his bike up the canyon to follow us down and take pictures! So nice-- he was an awesome supporter. I tried to stay with Aubrey this time, and I did for about the first half mile... but then she creamed me. Finished an hour before me. Took second in our age division. Good thing I didn't try to stick with her! I would've passed out after the first few miles. So I battled somewhat solo. The first 8 miles weren't bad, and I kept a steady pace. At about mile 9, however, there were some pretty short-but-steep hills that really threw off my groove. By mile 10 I was dry-heaving and had to walk way more than I would have liked! But, I wasn't expecting to even finish, so I didn't mind having to walk a little bit. The race route was down Hobble Creek Canyon, so it was mostly downhill for the first half or so. I got a little too comfortable there-- it got to where even going flat felt uphill to me. :) Anyway, I finally finished and was so relieved! My time was just over 2:30, so not that great, but as I said before, I was glad to even finish. I think I drank two full waterbottles in the first 4 minutes after crossing the finish line... so thirsty. It's funny-- even now, the next day, I can't seem to get enough water (or food, for that matter) in me. I think I had 3 dinners last night! :) We celebrated our completion of this life-goal, ate some fruit and Magleby's french toast (you wouldn't think that would be a good post-race food, but it was PERFECT. I love that stuff), took some pictures, and then headed home.

Did I mention that I didn't tell Tyler about this? We had been talking about it earlier that week, and I was saying how I felt bad about wasting the entrance fee money and about not running with Aubrey and not completing this summer goal I had. I kind of wondered aloud if I could just up and do it, and he asked me if I would. I said no, and he thought that was a smart idea. But I think that kind of ate at me all that week, and when it finally came down to it, I just had to! Good thing was, my foot didn't hurt much at all, and it's fine today. Anyway, so Tyler didn't know-- I wanted it to be a surprise. So Adam took a picture of me running, at about mile 5, and sent it to Tyler once he got down the canyon and had reception. He was so shocked! "Honey, did you run a half marathon this morning?" "Yes honey, I did!" It was really funny. He is so supportive and sweet, even when I do crazy stuff like this.

It's amazing how adrenaline can help you do anything. I really didn't think that I'd be able to finish without training, but it was just so exciting to be in that road race atmosphere and I think that just carried me through. I'm paying for it today though-- serious pain happening here! Even my shoulders and abs are sore. The kids in Primary asked why I was walking funny! I've even got a fever and sore throat, but I'm not sure if that's related to the running or to the lack of sleep the night before. Either way, I'm taking this day of rest very seriously!

In other, not as crazy news, Aubrey and I had so much fun on Friday. It was SO slow at work, so I left at about 2 for the day. While I was waiting for Aubrey to finish, I found the perfect anniversary gift for Tyler. Can you believe it's almost been a year?? So crazy to me. Anyway, I can't wait to see his reaction! Aubrey got off and we went to eat at Pita Pit. YUM. It was delicious. Then we went down to the mall, got our packets (that's when I decided to run), and saw Eclipse. Her husband had gone boating, so it was the perfect girls day! The movie was better than expected too. Nothing spectacular, but I thought it was better than the first one for sure. After the movie we went back to Aubrey's and painted our toenails. She actually showed me how to do glitter toes, and it looked way cute. Unfortunately, all but one of my glitter toes came off during the race! I'll have to do them again.

Kind of going backwards here, but other fun stuff this week: Tyler was here last weekend (left Monday, so that still counts as this week, right?), and our families were here too. Andersen Family Reunion over the weekend too, family left on Monday. Took Tuesday off of work, hiked the Y with Tim (he stayed here this week because he has a BYU soccer camp next week), and went to 7 Peaks with Tim, Chris, and Cassie. Work has been really quiet and slow this week, which is good and bad. I finally finished Sense and Sensibility (did it take me 2 months to finish that?) and moved on to Emma.

Anyway, that's about all that's goin' on here. I'll post pictures of everything soon!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Things to keep me busy

I've gotten pretty good at finding things to keep me busy while Tyler's gone. I've been reading a lot, watching "Arrested Development," and keeping the house cleaner than ever (using paper plates and bowls has made that possible). But, I've also been finding crafty stuff to do, some of which I have to say I'm pretty proud of.

I just finished this clock last night... I started it with the intent to give it away, sort of a tester, but now I just want to keep it!

This is a bad picture, but this headband is one of my new favorite things. It's amazing what a little hot glue can do!

I actually made this wreath a while ago, but I still love it.

The presentation of these little decorative balls is not that great, but I'm pretty proud of the balls themselves! I need to get down to RodWorks and find me a cute basket.

This is also a really poopy picture, but this little taffeta bunchy flower thing looks really cute clipped on a ponytail!

More projects on my list:
-A few more headbands. They're so cute and I can't stand hair in my face!
-A clock similar to the one above, but red and white and black to go in our room.

I'm having a little too much fun!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A little R&R

I always feel like I need a vacation right after I get back from one... it was so nice to have a few days off of work! I loved having Tyler here, obviously, and our weekend was jam-packed with family.

There's so much to do in these few remaining weeks of this summer! By the way, if anyone wants to run the half marathon for me on Saturday, I'm certainly not going to. So please take my spot! If not, I guess I'll just go get the free T-shirt. :) All the books I need to read are piling on top of me, and I can't seem to keep up. I need a few good nights of solid reading.

Because my camera is not compatible with my mac, I'll have to post pictures tomorrow. We actually remembered to take some this weekend! It was fun to have Tim stay with me for a couple of days too... so much better than being alone.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Friday, July 2, 2010

He's HERE!!!

I picked up my hubby at 7:30 last night, after waiting in the Park 'n' Wait for over an hour... darn that hurricane delaying his flight. The important thing is that he's here, and that we are together. I've never felt so at home in our apartment as I felt when he wrapped me up in his arms and we watched "I Am Sam" until we fell asleep. I love that man. We tried to be adventurous and take a Wendy's picnic to the park, but we were being eaten alive. Since when do mosquitoes come out so early? I guess it is July... oh well. I am so glad he's here! That's all.