Monday, October 31, 2011

The big 3-0 and our weekend

30 weeks. For reals?

I can't believe how quickly the last few months have gone by!!

We had a fun weekend. Friday night was spent catching up with my high school friends at Annie and Mike's... everyone brought yummy healthy food and we had a great time. Kim and Nick brought their 3-mo. old Payton and I got to steal her for a while and pretend she was mine! Kim and I have already decided our daughters are going to be best friends. Hope they don't mind.

Saturday we slept in a little bit, ran some errands, took a nap, did some homework, and went to the Wright's for a pumpkin carving party! We're not really sure what happened to our pumpkin (couldn't find it anywhere as we were leaving), but oh well. Uncle John was a master carver and we had a blast eating and talking with everyone. Tyler got some hands-on fatherhood training by playing with Piper- he's going to be such a great dad! I can't wait to see it.

Grace asked Papa John to carve her a pig... it turned out so cute. Kinda reminds me of Angry Birds!

I hope you all have fun and exciting Halloween plans... Tyler and I have a test in our humanities class tomorrow so we've got a review and then a study date. I love taking a class with Tyler! We've got to do something fun though- it is a holiday, even if it's one I don't necessarily like. Maybe if I'm lucky we can sneak in some pumpkin oreo shakes or something? Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A list

I had a doctor's appointment on Monday... and then scheduled another one for Nov. 4th. Am I seriously already in the third trimester?? I can't believe how quickly time has passed! From here on out we'll have an appointment every two (and then one, of course) weeks... crazy. There's just so much to do before Peanut gets here!

1. Stop baking. When I asked the doc if I was on track as far as weight gain, she smiled and said, "Well, at this rate you'll definitely be on the high end of the recommended range..." oh snap. In my defense, I'm just trying to help Peanut feel nice and comfortable in there! How embarrassing. But it's a little sad- 'tis the season of baking and treats! How am I supposed to resist?

2. Finish crocheting Peanut's blanket. I was making good progress for a while, but things have been so busy lately and I haven't touched it in over 2 weeks! Hopefully I can still finish in time.

3. Get out of school alive. The past few weeks have just been non-stop for both of us! This morning we were both complaining about how tired we were, how we didn't know it was possible to be so tired, etc., and then realized... we don't even have a baby! I'm so grateful that I'll be finished before Peanut gets here, and I have a serious respect for my sister and other people I know who did/do kids and school at the same time. Super women, I tell you.

I saw a Christmas-y commercial yesterday and felt so happy inside. What a fun time of year!! Tuesday I finally get to start listening to Christmas music. This weekend will be full of Halloween parties, and Thanksgiving and Christmas always come so quickly after that. Bring on the holidays!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Strike two

So you know that kid who asked me if it's hard to go to class when I'm that pregnant? Well, he struck again. I hadn't seen the guy in a few weeks (thankfully, it's a large class) and he saw me on Monday and said, "Wow, you got so much bigger! You are so big!" I made sure to tell him this time that even though I wasn't offended, he should be careful what he says to his someday wife when she is pregnant. Not that I think he'll get married anytime soon, making comments like that. Seriously- where do people learn to have conversations??

In other news, our baby girl is going to have two girl cousins her age! Kim and Lindsay are both having girls, and we are so excited for them. They are both due in March, and only a couple days apart! So fun.

Our week is going well, even with all the tests. When I come on a stressful week or day, I get a little bit of tunnel vision and get too wrapped up in the things going on. But every time the stress is over, I remember that there is life afterwards! So this week I have tried to focus on the things that are most important instead of the things that were stressing me out. I think it's working! There will be life after this week, after this semester, after everything hard. And, I've done just as well (if not better!) on my tests. So I guess the key for me is to remember to "forget not to be happy now," as Pres. Uchtdorf told us HERE.

This weekend for us again begins on Thursday, with the arrival of my dad and Kim with her cute family! We'll have a fun few days with half of the siblings together.

p.s. Is it normal that my bruise from getting my blood drawn a week ago still hurts?? It doesn't look as bad anymore, but it kills!

Monday, October 17, 2011

This is what a party looks like

When you have 14+ people spread over a bunch of different states. 

I hope Lindsay won't mind my stealing her picture... I always forget to take a screenshot when we have our google "hangouts"! Family is the best, and I'm so grateful that technology allows us to see each other even when we can't be physically together. Sunday night hangouts are so fun! 

Other than our internet going out, we had an uneventful weekend. I had two baking failures (cupcakes with frosting that refuses to thicken and bread that ripped in half upon removal from the pan) and one very patient husband during all of it. 

Sunday was a great day. I caught up in my reading of the Book of Mormon (our Bishop challenged us to read it cover to cover by the end of the year), worked on Peanut's blanket, and secretly enjoyed being mostly out of internet. We went to campus to skype with everyone- hopefully our internet will be fixed today! 

Just so you know- the new Kevin James movie "Zookeeper" was not nearly as good as I was hoping for. We are big Kevin James fans, but the whole talking animals thing really just kind of bothered me. If you watch it, do so with no expectations!

Friday, October 14, 2011

A week gone by

Not much has happened in the last week... we're just chuggin' along here. I have another round of tests starting tomorrow and Tyler does as well, so we are a little lame in the social/fun department right now. It's the worst when you have to take an exam on the first day it opens just so you have time to study for your others. Pretty sure all my professors got together with their calendars and said, "Okay, which weeks can we all schedule stuff at the same time?" Not cool. The only thing that's exciting really is that each day that passes brings us one closer to January 7th! I'm making some good progress on that blanket I'm crocheting... it's turning out great so far. This week I had that nasty glucose test. Luckily I kept the gross stuff down and the results were normal. Despite my least painful blood draw ever, I have the worst bruise ever. Guess I shouldn't have complimented the nurse so readily? Oh well.

So, you should have a fun weekend for us. Not that studying isn't a blast...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A recipe {but not for food}

Ingredients for a perfect fall evening:

stormy day
crochet project {I'm working on THIS for Peanut}
comfort food {THIS recipe, actually}
an early bedtime

Tyler hasn't been feeling well all week... hopefully a relaxing night will help him feel better.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

26 weeks- "that pregnant"

I'm not super happy with any of the pictures for this week... so here are two. Both taken the same day, just a few hours apart. I didn't like the angle of the first one so I had Tyler take another, but now I think I like the first one better. Whatever.

This, apparently, is what "that pregnant" looks like. 

At 26 weeks:
-I wake up 5-6 times a night with leg cramps
-Peanut is just starting to figure out that my ribs are a fun place to hang out
-Food still doesn't taste as good in general... unless of course it's a dessert
-My feet swell pretty easily, but usually not too badly
-Tyler can see and feel Peanut move around more and more all the time
-I bought my first baby outfit!!! 

Time is flying by so quickly, but we're okay with that. We are just dying to meet this little girl!