Friday, June 30, 2017

Dude Ranch 2017, day 3

Some morning snuggles.

Tyler and I went to breakfast ready to play tennis! After taking Millie to the kids activities and leaving Harvey with Gigi, we headed to the courts.

Max refused to go to the kids activities so he tagged along with us. He had his first little tennis lesson and waited semi-patiently while Tyler and I played two sets.

If our sad lack of skill didn't show it'd been 2 years since we last played tennis, Tyler's hands might! His grip was rubbing off. Pretty funny.

Tyler beat me 6-1 in the first set, and I won 6-4 in the second. We never did go back to finish the match! Hopefully it's not another 2 years before we play again.

Tyler went back to watch Millie ride Gypsy again while I took a shower.

Then Kurt took Heidi, McKenna, Shayna, and I into downtown Bandera! We had fun walking through their shops and trying on their Western wear. We also enjoyed a scoop of Blue Bell and had so much fun.

Back to the big house for lunch! Everyone wanted a turn with Harvey and he did well as long as I wasn't in sight.

Nana and Botz, the ones who started this fun tradition!

This ceiling fan was awesome, except for its name, which is a bad word I will not be repeating here. Funny memory though.

We spent the afternoon at the water park again!

Harvey napped on my shoulder (kind of a theme of the trip. He was such a trooper but this might explain the major sleep issues we have now??) for a couple hours while everyone else swam around us. I loved it.

We had dinner and wanted to get the kids to bed semi-early since they were exhausted and it was showing, but Max was having a hard time falling asleep and wanted to see the trick roper show with me. Fun to have a little one-on-one time with this cute boy, and the roper was amazing!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Dude Ranch 2017, family pictures

I feel so lucky to have married into this family!

The Kurt Juergens family with Nana and Botz.

Dude Ranch 2017, day 2

This is the day with the most pictures. Sorry in advance!

We started off the day with breakfast and a little miniature golf. Millie and Max were both in heaven with so many fun uncles and aunts and cousins to play with!

Then Millie and Max were off to the kids activities for the morning, which included coloring, playing with toys, archery, and riding the mini horses! They had a great time!

While they were there I got to go on a (regular) horse ride. AJ and I brought up the rear and had so much fun! The ride was filled with beautiful views. It was really hot but we had a great time.

While I was on my ride Tyler and Gigi took the kids to the water park! 

I joined as soon as I was back. Max was a little hesitant to get in at first but he eventually warmed up to it and had a blast.

We needed to crash for a little bit after that. Everyone took a good nap (well, except for me haha) and we got everyone up and ready to go for family pictures and dinner.

We'll save the family pictures for a separate post because this one is already a marathon. But Poppy then unveiled the shirts for this year! "Safety green" was a hit! We took a few more pictures before heading to dinner.

This was the room where we ate breakfast and dinner each day.

After dinner we got to hear Makin' Dust perform! He's been there just about every time there's been a Juergens reunion. Always fun to see him.

Harvey fell asleep on my shoulder during the songs so I took him back for bed, but Tyler and the big kids stayed for s'mores. A jam packed fun day at the dude ranch!