Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012

We were so lucky to go to Lufkin this year and spend Christmas with my family. It was great to travel, but even greater that we didn't have to go far! We left Thursday night after Tyler got home from work, and came home the next Thursday. Here are some highlights and pictures from our trip.
Thursday: arrived in Lufkin around 10 pm. Millie woke up and entertained everyone with her laughing and playing and walking. 

Her new smile she does when the camera flashes
Friday: The day was spent at the recording studio off and on. We all went there in shifts to record a CD for my parents! It has some of our family favorites on it. It was so fun to do, and hopefully it's fun for them to have. When we weren't recording, we were playing and enjoying being together. And constantly cooking and eating, of course!

Playing with Grandma
Tackling Grandpa
Saturday: A very busy day. We all caravanned down to Houston and went to the temple together (Tim's first time!) as a family. Thank goodness for Lauren and Laura and Sarah watching all the kids so we could be there together! It was so great. Everyone at the temple thought we were there for a wedding because we were all wearing matching dresses. Nope, no wedding! Just a mom who likes her kids to match. We then had some family pictures taken (quite a production with 25 people) and then drove back up to Lufkin in time for dinner. And more singing, preparing for Sunday.

These 3 babies were highchair buddies the whole time!

Sunday: We sang in church as a family (which was hilarious, because we were all matching again. Basically we are a choir). Eva's sparkly dress left glitter everywhere she went, and the kids had a blast all being in nursery/primary together. We went to Dad's healthcare facility and did a little Christmas program for the residents. That was hilarious- a poorly-tuned and old piano plus an unprepared family plus restless kids made for a very flawed program- but it was fun and funny. Hopefully someone else took pictures that day, because I apparently didn't!

Monday: Everyone had random errands to run, baking and cooking to do, pajamas to sew, and sunshine to soak in. We had a yummy dinner and did our Christmas program before opening our pajamas. Mom sewed 25 pairs of pajama pants. Can we say Superwoman?? She is. We also got matching t-shirts for the occasion, designed by me. We took pictures in our PJs and then the kids raced up to bed when they heard "Santa's sleigh bells" outside. The adults enjoyed pretzel salad and setting up gifts and watching "The Nativity Story."

The mastermind of all our Christmas fun!

Andrew jumped in the pool... crazy
Lots of Settlers 
Christmas Eve dinner place cards

Brynlee wrapped her doll up for Eva to open. Such sweet cousins!

All the cups!
This was the best picture of my attempts to get the three babies together. They're such movers!
Tuesday: Christmas! You can imagine how long it took everyone to open presents- that ate up our morning. Everyone enjoyed playing with new toys and eating and lounging in our pajamas. Tyler and Millie and I got to talk to Garrett and Mitchell! That was definitely a highlight. It was so great to hear their voices- we can't wait to see them in 8 months! That night Mom and Dad stayed home with the grandkids so the siblings could go see Les Miserables. I thought it was great! Tyler walked out and said, "Wow. That was a lot of singing." I love that the singing was recorded live with the acting- it was so raw and emotional and awesome. Millie came down with a fever that day too, and we had a bit of a rough night with her.

Wednesday: I'd call it a sick day. Millie was still feverish and just not herself! It was terrible- I am so grateful she is typically a very healthy baby. We stayed home while everyone who wasn't sick went bowling and to a museum, but it was great to relax. That night we all watched The Bourne Legacy, which I thought was good.

We came home Thursday morning, with Tim in the car with us. We had way too much stuff to bring back with us, and poor Tim carried his duffel bag on his lap the whole way home. Again- thank goodness we only live 2 hours away!

It was a great trip. It's just priceless to have everyone together! That certainly doesn't happen very often, so we were grateful it did this year. Next time it does happen, I will be more consistent about taking pictures!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Peace out, peeps

We're leaving for Lufkin tonight! If you had asked me a year ago if I would ever be excited to go to Lufkin, I would have to say no. Heck, if you asked me if I even knew where it is, that'd also be a no! But currently, Lufkin has a bunch of my favorite people in the world in it. Therefore, it is the coolest place in the world.

We are off to enjoy good times, loud conversations, lots of kids, tons of food, singing, playing, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Maby Billie

Sometimes I start to say Millie, and halfway through I switch to baby. Comes out Maby. Other times I start to call her baby, and then switch to Millie. Comes out Billie. Anyone else have a problem calling their only child by the right name?

Life has been a little bit crazy lately. To the point where the laundry pile went halfway up the closet wall and I had to wear pajama bottoms all day yesterday since both my pairs of pants were being washed. {Side note: who only owns two pair of pants?} Today I baked up a storm and I have everything all wrapped up and ready to be delivered to neighbors, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I think after Christmas is over, I'm just going to sit down for a little while.

Millie started walking the other day! She's been walking between the furniture for a little while, but on Saturday night we were visiting with family and she just started doing it-- sometimes not even to a person. Yesterday she was playing her toy piano and closing her eyes and shaking her head back and forth {like she's Stevie Wonder or something}. Gretchen got a video on her phone, but then while playing with it later, Millie deleted it! I guess she didn't want it getting out. That girl is crazy! We love her to pieces.

I had all these good intentions to have a blog post each month about Millie with pictures, new tricks, special events, etc. And I haven't done it once. Shame shame. Maybe in January I'll get my act together and play catch up a little bit. Maybe by then Billie can help! 

Friday, December 14, 2012


Semi-unrelated picture
Everyone's heard of the terrible elementary school shooting in Connecticut- every social network is buzzing about it. Tyler and I are preparing to speak in church on Sunday, based on Pres. Uchtdorf's talk on hope. So it's been on my mind a lot this week! When I heard of this tragedy, my thoughts immediately went back to the talk. I can't imagine all the things the children and families in Connecticut are feeling right now, and I won't even pretend that what I say or write will make it all better. But I know someone who can and will! No matter how dark and hard things get, hope can bring sunshine into our lives. Anyway, I won't get too preachy, but Pres. Uchtdorf's talk is really good! My prayers are with those affected by that horrible act today.

Monday, December 10, 2012

I just want to say

- Recently I have been quite the insomniac. I just can't seem to sleep as much as I need or want to! I'm not sure what's causing it, but I'd like for it to go away. Thanks.

- Because of my inability to fall asleep, last night I spent some time perusing through my old blog. Man, I was a dork. And I'll probably look back on what I'm writing now and think the same thing! It's funny how people change and whatever's current is coolest and whatever used to be is automatically uncool. I guess we all view ourselves as constantly improving.

- Yesterday was a long day. Tyler and I sat down at the end of it and congratulated each other for getting through it. Day of rest? Think again. Between callings and babies and meetings, that's just not happening.

- I'm itchin' for it to be Christmas! Or at least the few days before it. The closer we get, the more excited I get. 

- Millie cut another tooth during church yesterday. Sometimes I'm unsure whether it's the tooth that brings on the screaming, or the screaming that brings on the tooth. Either way, we will all be happy people when this teething business is over! Poor baby.

- We've had a few events for Tyler's work recently (Christmas parties and such) and I feel like the older I get, the worse I am at interacting with people I don't know. But it's been so fun to get dressed up and go out with my hubby! I'm so lucky to be his wife.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Baby withdrawals

The older this girl gets, the more I miss having a little baby. Where did this tiny person go??


Breaks my heart and makes me so happy at the same time. It's everything I wanted for her, and everything I didn't want for me! How do I slow time down???

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fingers and other funny things

Millie has a funny new habit. Whenever she smiles, she sticks her finger in her mouth! 

She also likes to lay her head down on things {that's her way of giving hugs} and says "Aww!" 

"Hugging" her high chair
Yesterday I went to get her after a nap, and she didn't want to get out of bed! She usually is excited to see me and wants to go play. But she wouldn't come to me, so I brought her some books and she read for a few minutes by herself. It was adorable.

This girl cracks us up every day.