Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Like mother, like daughter

I came across an old photo of me the other day while cleaning. I don't remember ever seeing it before, and it looks like my Grandma Andersen's handwriting on the back: Camille Andersen, Houston, Texas, summer 1990. I love seeing how much Millie looks like I did at that age!

Me around 18 months

Millie around 17 months
Together, a few weeks ago
I just love that little girl. I love the things I see in her that are like me, or that are like her Daddy. It's pretty darn cool to have a little piece of us walking around, talking, learning, and growing.

Sister Memory

So, one day quite a few summers ago (though I won't say how many because it'd be embarrassing to say how recent it really was), a few of my sisters and I were watching an America's Next Top Model marathon. I guess we got a little bit inspired, because things just started happening. Before I knew it, I had safety pinned my jeans (to become skinny jeans, of course) and we were all overly made up. I hope none of my sisters are mad at me for posting these... but I think it's been enough years now that it's just funny! Plus, I have to delete them from my computer. They're taking up valuable space on my computer (all 300+ of them) and I need to delete some things so it will run faster. Anywho... here are the least embarrassing ones. I'll spare you the really bad ones.

Obviously, we were trying to re-create something with those silly faces. Not sure what.

Look at those safety pins!!! Hilarious!

Sometime during the ridiculousness, Laura came and Lindsay left.

Trying to re-enact a very serious shot... and failing

Anyways. I definitely miss these silly times with my sisters!! 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Juergens Reunion 2013

This is going to be a post FULL of pictures. Consider yourself warned.

We had the best time at the Juergens Reunion last week! We spent Wednesday-Sunday at the Flying L Guest Ranch in Bandera, TX. The Juergens fam has been going there for a lot of years, and it's so fun for me to be a part of that tradition. I already instagrammed some of these pictures, but here they all are anyway.

Wednesday: packing, driving (we had AJ in the car with us which was a blast), stopping at the Alamo Cafe in San Antonio with the Runias and Ostlers, greeting, eating, and listening to Makin' Dust perform that night. Millie danced to his music and cracked us all up! We also had s'mores inside because of the rain. I prayed real hard for it to stop!

We barely had room for Millie

Being in hill country made me feel a little bit like I was in the mountains. Did my heart good.
Bandera is the cutest little town! 

Thursday: one of the only semi-sunny days. The boys went golfing in the morning, and the girls went to the water park! It rained off and on all afternoon. Tyler and I went back to the pool while Millie napped but were rained out after a few rounds of the lazy river. We played games inside (Aunt Sheila taught us Wizard and I want to buy it for us!) and we had a really yummy Italian food dinner. That night everyone went to a roping demonstration, but I put Millie down for bed and stayed at our cabin with her.

Ooo, hot!

I had Babybel cheese for the first time in too many years
The yummy, magical buffet. Breakfast and dinner here was amazing!

Floating the lazy river

Friday: Tyler and I went running in the morning and got soaked in the rain! We found a big herd of deer too. Gretchen was sweet to watch Millie in the early morning while we ran. The boys went golfing again, and the girls stayed inside and played Taboo. Silly rain kept us out of the pool! I kept praying for it to clear up, but to no avail. Luckily, we found lots of fun things to do inside. We did attempt to go to the pool a couple times, each time getting kicked out shortly after for thunder or rain. The water was so cold anyway!

Millie and Piper became great friends, even feeding each other pretzels.

I took the littles out to the playground during a rain break
We found a lame butterfly and named him/her Ben. And Dot. Depends on who you asked.
Millie obviously didn't care about the butterfly!
I found her on top of everything this trip. She can now climb in the jogging stroller unassisted.
The boys made disgusting sandwiches for each other
And these 4 fell asleep!
Boys turn everything into a competition. They dove, held their breath, had handstand contests, and swimming races.
We non-crazies watched from the sidelines
Saturday: last morning golf for the boys. The girls stayed inside (that darn rain!) but had a great chat and Natalie made noodle ponies for the little girls. Millie attempted to ride the horse (unsuccessfully) and got to drive Poppy's golf cart during their halfway break after the 9th hole. We went to the pool that afternoon (finally some sun!), but couldn't stay long because of naps and needing to shower before family pics. The reunion shirts were pink this year! We took pictures and then rode the wagon down to the Ghost Town on the ranch, where they had BBQ, a sheepdog herding demonstration, archery, roping, and the running of the horses. The clouds would have been nice for this portion- it was (finally) hot!! We rode the cow bus home, which was very exciting for Millie. We ended the evening with a testimony meeting and goodbyes to those who had early flights the next morning.

The bucket fills with water and dumps to the right. Crazy people sit under it and get drenched!

It was their 29th anniversary!! Happy Anniversary Gigi and Poppy! 

Millie loves Tyler's cousin Ben and learned his name. They talked a lot together!

Eating in the Ghost Town

Millie kept halfway taking her shirt off in front of everyone!
Sunday: we ate our last breakfast at the Flying L (sniff, sniff), packed, said our goodbyes, and drove away. We stopped in San Antonio on the way home and saw the riverwalk and the Alamo. Although, it wasn't legitimate- we could only park for an hour so basically we just took pictures at each of those places. It was kind of a "let's don't and look like we did" kind of outing. Maybe another time we can do San Antonio properly! We got home around 4 and were exhausted!

What I ate for breakfast every morning at the dude ranch (with little variations here and there)
Millie's typical breakfast (plus yogurt and grapes)
When it's a buffet every meal, you end up with lots of dishes!
Driving home (and laughing hysterically trying to snap this picture)

I'm pretty sure I gained a lot of weight this trip. The food at the Flying L is SO good! Their breakfast is amazing- and dinner was always great too. Nana and Botz sure know how to spoil us! We're so glad we got to see everyone and catch up. What a blessing it is to have wonderful people to call our family.

So there you go. We can't wait for our next reunion in 2015!