Wednesday, June 24, 2015

"Cousin friends"

Cari and her cute kids came to town for a few days before our family reunion. Millie loved getting to know her second cousins! She called them her "cousin friends," and could not remember their names to save her life those first few days. She called Piper "the pink one" for a day or two because Piper was wearing a pink dress when they came. So funny. Millie is right between Piper and Thys in age, and she played with both of them really well. Max loved them too! We swam a few times and had fun playing.

Mommy-son dates and other stuff

While Millie was at ballet camp, Max and I got to have some time just the two of us! Since the camp was a bit of a drive from our house, we couldn't really go home before picking her up. So we found fun things to do in the area.

Other stuff:

The library isn't cool just because of the books! I let Millie use the computer for the first time recently, which she loved the idea of but had no idea how to use it. I'm secretly glad. I know she will learn it eventually. And Max loves the puzzles at the library too.

When we are too lazy to go to the pool, we just play with water in the backyard.

Millie often asks if we can "blow up a candle." Which, in Millie speak, means we light and then blow out the candle.

We got a new comforter and we weren't the only ones excited about it!

Insanity is kicking our trash! In a good way!

Doubling up in the single stroller.

Monday, June 22, 2015

8 on 10: June 2015

Because sometimes 10 pictures just doesn't happen.

1. A ballerina grinning from ear to ear

2. Monka and Sarah came to watch for a minute

3. Putting her new treasures into her jewelry box

4. The gatekeeper

5. Millie made a little friend at the pool who was so sweet. 

6. Adult swim

7. The book I read that day (I liked it - I needed something light and entertaining to get back in a reading mode)

8. I love it when I look back and see this!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Little things

Max is going through the phase of calling all men "Dada" but when he brought this movie to me and said it I laughed so hard!

Refusing to step on the cracks. Another one of those quirks we have in common that I never taught her.

While Daddy was out of town sometimes we all ended up in the same bed!

I took this picture in hopes of his new floaty being a big hit, but he hated it! Oh well. 

Little feet in new flip flops. Must be summer!

Ballet Princess Camp

Millie got to go to a week of ballet princess camp at Aunt Heidi's work! She had been looking forward to it for SO long. 

It was kind of adorable to watch her. All the other moms left but I just wanted to stay and watch. This was the first time she had done any camp or class! It was so fun to see her interact with the other kids.

She came out with fun princess goodies every day.

We could only see through a window, so any good pictures were taken by Heidi or one of the other teachers!

The most patient spectator

Every day a different princess came, and Aunt Heidi came as Belle! Millie also saw Cinderella, Snow White, Elsa, and Anna.

On the last day they got to wear a princess dress! Millie finally landed on Cinderella, after MUCH deliberation. 

What a great week for this princess-loving girl!! Truly Millie's dream come true!

Taking Daddy to the airport

Tyler went to Virginia/Washington D.C. area for a week-long training. We sure missed him! 

Goodbyes are hard!