Thursday, March 31, 2011

Me, the marshal(L?)

I am obsessed with watching the weather forecast on the news lately. I guess I'm just waiting for Marti Skold (my weatherwoman of choice) to say, "Oh look! Sudden shift in that storm. Looks like we'll be cloudless and 80 degrees for the next year." Wouldn't that be nice. I guess I shouldn't complain though- it's gorgeous outside today! Great excuse to skip classes and play tennis, right?? We'll call it a 2-hour sabbatical.

I've also noticed tons of fashion blogs as of late. This is a whole world that I had not even known was in existence until recently! Sure, I envy their seemingly endless shopping spree that is their collective lives, but sometimes I just think where are you going that you need to be so dressed up? Too much effort, I say. And that's coming from a girl who likes to dress up and shop. There are also some that I wish to send an e-mail to, asking them to stop. For their own sakes.

Side note: my job is awesome. I am on the commencement committee (which is so cool, by the way- makes me love this school so much more knowing the amazing people that run it) AND, I found out this week, I get to be a line marshal for the commencement processional! As though college graduates don't know how to walk in a straight line. Just kidding, it will be great. I get to stand pretty close to the dignitaries (I know who the visiting G.A. is too- don't you wish you were me?) so that'll be cool. Maybe I'll pretend to be a graduate and go through the line once or twice. Only downside is that there are 2 meetings during finals week. I guess that should motivate me to get started (and hopefully finished) earlier. Anyone know why this kind of marshal is only spelled with one L? Life is such a mystery.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You know you're ready for spring when...

-Your jeans look more like jeggings

-You crave salad and fruit smoothies instead of hot chocolate and warm cookies

-The sight of snow makes you want to cry

-Running outside starts to look more appealing than on a treadmill at the gym (my gym membership has long expired, but even if I could go, I might not)

-You start reaching for bright colors instead of gray and black

-Something NEW sounds good. A new hobby, a new pair of shoes, whatever it might be. I'm going to do somethin' new myself! I'll tell you what it is when I know.

So here's to spring!

(This is the closest picture I could find that matched my memory of the tree we had in our backyard in France. We would shake the tree and dance under the falling blossoms, yelling, "It's snowing!" Great times in France. Probably some of my earliest springtime memories)

Monday, March 28, 2011

When it rains, it hails

We are back from Vegas! It was a great weekend, til the end. We enjoyed the sunshine, celebrated Eva's birthday, ate tons of homemade ice cream, watched funny youtube videos, and laughed til we cried.

The drive home was where it got interesting. And by interesting, I mean life-threatening. We were making great time, and I was reading the very last page of the first Harry Potter book out loud when suddenly, neither of us can hear ourselves think- it seriously sounded like someone had thrown a tractor-full of pebbles at us! But no, it was just hail. Tons of it. We slowed way down and Tyler was being so cautious- we even thought about pulling over, but weren't sure about just stopping on the shoulder. Suddenly we were fish-tailing back and forth (luckily there were no cars in the lanes next to us) and Tyler was trying to get control of the car back when we veered off to the left, spinning. I closed my eyes just as we made contact with the median and were facing oncoming traffic, sure we were going to blow through the median and roll. We braced ourselves as we hit the median at the front, passenger side, and rear of the car and somehow did another 180 and magically stopped back on the right shoulder, facing the right way. It felt like a blink of an eye, but it kind of went in slow motion too. Not sure how to describe it. The next hour was something of a blur- two people pulled over and told us they had called 911, and then quickly left. We're so grateful they were behind us. A policeman came and called a tow for us, then got a statement going. I had the thought to take some pictures of the car, but when the policeman said "Be careful- if you guys slipped on the road, then someone else could also slip and hit you." I was brave enough to take one picture of the front, and then hopped back in to safety.

The tow truck came and lifted our poor car onto the bed, and then dropped us off at the nearest gas station. We were glad to be off of the road and away from the cop, who, frankly, was a jerk. Thankfully, we were able to get a hold of Aunt Dana, and she and Gabby came to rescue us from Payson. I felt so bad- I really thought we were closer, like in Springville or Provo! They were so sweet to come get us.

Once we got home, Tyler was on the phone with the insurance company, and everything's already being taken care of. We were able to get a rental car this afternoon, and our car is at a repair shop being estimated right now. Hopefully it isn't totaled and they can fix it relatively quickly.

There are just so many things I'm grateful for today. LIFE, for one thing. I saw on the news this morning that someone died in a similar, weather-related accident last night. I have no idea who the person was, but my heart and prayers go out to that person's family. I'm grateful for a wonderful husband who was able to handle the cop and everything else as I sat in the car crying like a basket-case. He is such a champ for handling me while also taking care of everything with insurance and repairs. I'm so grateful for another day with him. I'm grateful for insurance- if you don't have it, GET IT. I'm grateful for wonderful family- those who drop everything on a Sunday evening to drive all the way to Payson, and those who support us and are here for us every step of the way no matter what. I keep going over the accident in my mind- it is honestly a miracle that we didn't roll, and a miracle that Tyler and I both walked away from that accident without a single scratch. I know that we were being watched over and protected. We feel so loved, so blessed, and so grateful.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Outta here

Goodbye Orem... hello Vegas! We're excited to get away for a weekend. 3:00, you should hurry and come. But only after I do the dishes, pack, study for my Articulation test, go to class, take my test, and get the oil changed in the car. So maybe just come like normal? K thanks bye.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Unconventional dayplanner and other stuff

Every morning when I wake up, I roll over and look to see if Tyler's next to me. If he's there, I know it's Monday, Wednesday, or the weekend. If he's not, I know he's gone at work, which means it's either Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday. This morning, I rolled over and he wasn't there! So I rolled back and assumed it was Thursday. Then I quickly remembered that I had just been at devotional/work yesterday, so it couldn't possibly be Thursday, unless I had slept over 24 hours. Not likely. My suspicions that it is Wednesday were confirmed when I yelled "HONEY?? You there?" and he said, "Yeah, just studying." Whew- almost threw off my groove.

We loved having our family here last week! It was so great to spend time all together. My only regrets are that the week ended, and that I had lots of other stuff going on, making it so I couldn't spend all my time with them. Boo for real life. We ate lots of good food (Zupa's, Iggy's, and Pizza Factory- let's just say I got a little extra winter weight last week) and just had fun being together. Also, last weekend was Legacy Conference! I only got to go for a few hours total, but it was really fun. Pretty sure I qualify for a medical degree now, and I'm going to be the best gardener in the world (not really, but we had two classes on both subjects, and they were really good!). Plus, I got to see Tiffany. I fantasize about moving to Boise all the time to be closer to her and her Tyler! We'd have so much fun. Maybe someday. I interviewed Jaac for my language analysis project on Friday- holy fun. I can't wait to have a talkative 4 year old. He was so dang funny! Finished the analysis last night, so that was a huge weight off my shoulders.

Funny moments from Primary on Sunday: Our lesson was on the gift of the Holy Ghost. I was trying to get the kids to guess what we were talking about, so I asked them who doesn't have a body, who could come and comfort them when they're scared or sad, etc. And little Anna raises her hand and says, "Moroni??" Maybe if you're Joseph Smith, but otherwise, probably not. I told a story about a girl who was scared of moving to a new city and prayed for comfort from the Holy Ghost. It was quiet, and I thought the impact of the story was setting in on them. I realized I was SO wrong when Denmark says, very loudly, "I had mac 'n' cheese for lunch!" This caused an outbreak of talking, with each of the kids wanting to say what they had for lunch. Man, I wish we had a hidden camera in every lesson!

Also, I'm pretty sure the calendar said spring was supposed to start on Sunday. Maybe the whole world accidentally used last year's, because I don't call this spring! Spring is all about flowers and re-growth and sunshine. I'm not expecting anything crazy, right? Maybe just get rid of the snow, and we can call that spring. Thanks.

We're headed to Vegas on Friday!! Beaver's 4th birthday is today (Eva/Eva Beava/Beaver- funny how nicknames evolve) so we're going down to celebrate and to get some sun. Looking forward to doing some of this:

And maybe a little of this:

And we're going to start reading the Harry Potter books on the drive. I've never read any of them! It might be a little dangerous to begin a reportedly addictive book series just weeks before finals, but we're willing to take the risk. Wish us luck.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mooooo Bars

Here it is, as promised. It's really nothing special... just a twist on a classic. But it does solve one of my pet peeves! I hate it when you pick up what you think is a chocolate chip cookie, but that one happened to not get any chocolate chips in it! This is the first treat I've ever made that Tyler won't stop eating. I always feel so fat because I make a treat and Tyler doesn't have as big of a sweet tooth as I do, which means I end up eating most of the treats myself! Anyway, here it is.

Just take whatever chocolate chip cookie recipe you use, but make it without chocolate chips. I use the recipe that's on the back of the Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip bag, and it's great. Product placement, anyone? Once you've mixed the dough (for the recipe I use, just one batch works fine), spread the dough (all but a few spoonfuls) over the bottom of a large pan. I don't know what size mine is, but it's much bigger than a 9x13.

Once you've spread the dough, melt the chocolate chips and pour that over the dough. If you're using the Nestle recipe, I think it's about 2 cups. I usually use a little more though. :)

Oops- I forgot to take a picture before starting the next step. You can envision what it's like with just the chocolate right?? Next, use the cookie dough you've set aside and plop it on top of the chocolate in little clumps (I kind of smooth mine out so it's a little more flat) all over. Some big, some little, use as little or as many clumps as you want.

Throw it in the oven for 10-ish minutes at 375 degrees and you're good to go! Let them cool completely before you cut 'em up... unless you want to be scrubbing chocolate off of yourself and your kitchen for 2 days.

Tyler came up with the idea to call them Moo Bars, and for 2 reasons: 1) the cookie dough on top looks a little like cow spots, 2) they go perfectly with a glass of milk. Well, that's what Tyler says... I don't drink milk.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sigh of relief

These past two weeks have been cuh-razy. But guess what? This week is going to be fantastic!! Things are lookin' up.

Our weekend was full of fun plans and good intentions- didn't do a lot of the stuff we planned or intended, but it ended up being great. I took my test on Friday night, and afterwards we wanted to watch the BYU game, but couldn't find a place to watch it besides campus. Having eaten nothing but a grilled cheese sandwich all day, I really wanted to go home and have some real food, so we went home and listened to it on the internet. Giselle and I have been trying for weeks to finally make our surprise date happen, but something always comes up. We had planned it for Friday night, but couldn't because of my test and Tyler studying for his test. After pushing it to Saturday, something came up for Austin and Giselle! So we're going to try for April. :)

Because our date didn't work out, we wanted to play tennis on Saturday afternoon, while the weather was so gorgeous. Tyler took his test in the morning and finished around 2. We tried to hurry over to the courts to meet A&G, but it started to rain on the way there! Such a bummer. They left and we ended up running a few errands. By the time we were done, it had stopped raining, so Tyler and I went and hit around for a little while. I was having a weird pain in my forearm every time I hit- it felt like an electric shock- and Tyler had a headache, so we wimps didn't last very long. We went to FYE and bought the movie Enchanted, and I made stirfry for an early (really early- we were starving) dinner. We both wanted to get out and do something fun, but spent so long trying to decide what to do that we just stayed in! Which ended up being great- we watched Enchanted and just relaxed. Much-needed.

Sunday I made a new treat (see next post- I'll share it with you) and we went to church. I got my Ecclesiastical Endorsement renewed for next (my last!) school year after the block of meetings, and then made pizza rolls and caesar salad for dinner. We skyped with Kurt and Gretchen for a bit (I can't wait for them to come up here this week!!!!!) and then went over to A&G's place with some treats. We had planned to watch Amazing Race with them, but it didn't record on their TV, so we ended up watching Chopped. I love cooking shows! Can't wait to have the Food Network on our list of channels.

This week will include: tennis with A&G on Tuesday (for real this time- I hope), 2 tests, Legacy Conference, and the arrival of our family! We're so excited!

That's how excited we are!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Weird stuff happens

when you're studying for a Speech Anatomy test. My friend Cami and I (and yes, I really do have a friend named Cami- not referring to myself as two people) spent a good 20 minutes doing this in the library yesterday:

"You have squiggly palatal rugae." "Can you see the posterior faucial pillars?" "No, just the anterior. Darn." And, "Wow, your uvula looks weird."

That's what happens when you get the two of us together! Good thing the semester's almost over- we should probably not be allowed to ever take anatomy classes again.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Proof of love

Is it really only Tuesday? Feels a bit like a Thursday. I'm waiting for Tyler to be done with his test so I can go pick him up from campus! I'm so excited to see him. Yesterday we went to campus and spent an hour studying together before our classes started- but after that, I didn't see him until 10:00! Yes, that's PM! Such a bummer. He had to work late to help out with a project, and once he got home, he had to keep studying hard for the test he's taking right now! I tried to wait up for him, but fell asleep reading. Then he went to work early this morning again, and I barely woke up in time to kiss him goodbye. I miss my man! Today's devotional speaker (Pres. Osguthorpe, Sunday School General President- GO READ THAT TALK) was great. He spoke about love! But more specifically, he talked about being motivated by love. I couldn't stop thinking about Tyler, and how everything he does is motivated by his love for me, our future kids, and everyone around him. What a great man I married! I am so lucky.

On Sunday we went to a cousin party with some of my family! It was a blast. We love being with family, and right now there are so many cousins going to BYU! It's really fun to get together.

I went running today and it felt wonderful! I'm not sure it will feel so wonderful tomorrow when I'm hobbling around campus, but I'm glad I went anyway. Warmer weather is coming! I can feel it!! And I love it!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


someone said something funny. Seriously, click on it- everyone behind us is laughing too!

I love the setting that changes my background picture every few minutes. Reminds me often of this, my greatest memory and favorite day. Ever.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A little free advertising

One of the things I look forward to when we go home for the summer is having access to Blue Bell Ice Cream. I've been on 3 tours of the factory, and could tell you almost as much as the tour guides! :) Eating other ice cream just doesn't cut it anymore for me.

HOWEVER. There is one kind of ice cream that I can eat by itself that doesn't make me pine for Blue Bell:

*Yes, I was eating out of the carton. Sometimes you just gotta!

There are lots of wonderful things about this ice cream: cheap brand=cheap price, perfect amount of chocolate goodness in every bite, and there's little peanut butter surprises everywhere! Do I sound like a commercial yet? I love this stuff. Too bad I finished it off....

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

time March-es on

In my Artic class today, I went to start a new section of notes by typing in the date. Usually I just start typing the month, and press enter because my computer fills in the date for me. I went to type in Feb- and nothing happened. Tried again, still nothing but February showed up. Then I realized- it's MARCH! I really can't believe it. February is usually my least favorite month as far as weather and school goes, but it has flown by, and hasn't been half bad either.

Professor James Brau gave the devotional today (I definitely recommend reading or watching it online, by the way- it was great) and he said some things that are making me think. He talked about the difference between being a student and being a learner, and how part of BYU's motto is, "Enter to LEARN," not study. I think this semester I haven't done as well at really studying and learning- I feel like I'm just walkin' around, putting out fires as they come up and not really absorbing. It's a hard habit to break while taking 17 credits and working, but I really want to do better. I want to feel that same excitement that I felt last semester about going to my classes and sharing what I learn.

Anyway, I'm SO glad it's March. The sun was so warm today, I sat outside while waiting for Tyler's class to get out and it felt amazing. I was craving fruit so badly- good thing we had leftover strawberries and bananas from crepe night! I made a delicious smoothie. Yum. In the winter (S.A.D. time) I just crave carbs and chocolates, but when the sun's out I want fruit and salad! Hooray for the healthier, happier me.

p.s. We're proud to be Cougs!