Monday, January 25, 2016

Another week, another picture dump

Let's be real, nothing really exciting happens to us in January/February. It's a lot of getting through the best we can. I'm okay with that. Makes for not very exciting blog posts, but not everything has to be crazy/exciting to be memorable.

Just some cute Maxness for you. Excuse my post-run frizzy hair.

I finally read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up, and have actually started to apply it! I went from an overstuffed closet, dresser, and built-ins to a clean closet and dresser, with actual empty space on the built-ins. I think eventually I'll put our food storage there and turn our storage room into a guest room/office for Tyler. Anyway, I thought the author's way of folding stuff was ridiculous until I saw my drawer so beautifully organized. I can see everything at a glance and I love it!

We are starting to venture out instead of just riding around our driveway. This attempt to go around the block would have been successful were it not for the inconvenient need for a potty break.

Max got a little curious about Millie's glass slippers. It was hilarious to watch him try to walk.

Not a great picture, but Tyler has been joining us via FaceTime for family scriptures and prayers. The kids love it, and Max gets especially chatty. I'm so thankful Tyler works so hard for us and still makes time for these important things.

I had a 11:45pm-4am shift at the peanut butter cannery. It was really fun and I got to buy a lot of peanut butter, but it is taking me a while to feel caught up on sleep!

We picked up Tyler at the park and ride which is right by Sam's. I did not mind bringing home a pizza!

On Saturday we visited Gigi and Poppy and then Monka and Ampa came over for a few minutes. So fun to have everyone close, especially when we are trying to keep busy on weekends without Tyler.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Farewell to Sarah

Sarah has left on her mission! She is in the MTC preparing to serve in Reno, NV. We spent a lot of last weekend with my family before she left. My parents had an open house for her on Saturday night, we attended their ward to hear Sarah speak on Sunday (Sarah and I got to sing together too!), and we went to a dinner with her mission prep class Sunday night. The kids and I went to my parents house for FHE on Monday and to say our final goodbye. We're going to miss her!!

Side note: the Houston marathon was the day of her farewell and we had the craziest time getting around it to get to church!

The rest of these pics were on Monday. We explored the apartment complex and Millie played so so so many games of Candy Land with Ampa. They claim she won 25 and he won 4! But every game end wi a hug, so I'd say they both won. Pretty cute.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Last week, in pictures

Max likes to hold my hand in the car lately. I don't mind! Well, until my arm goes dead from reaching to the back for so long.

They love to color at the library while I look for books.

Waiting for Dad to come home (reminded me of a puppy).

Kisses before punches.

Millie snuck her helmet off while riding her scooter and learned the hard way why we wear helmets. I'm glad it wasn't more serious than a scrape and bruise!

Max has had a hard time with Millie going to preschool lately. When I get my way, we get some errands done, but when he gets his way, we play outside!

Millie's training wheels are too low so she can just sit on it and peddle and it goes nowhere. She thinks it's hilarious.

Millie's 2 obsessions lately: Candy Land and The Sound of Music. I was so happy to pass down my love of Julie Andrews!!

Max hasn't been sleeping well at night lately and sometimes has a hard time napping too. Lovely! But he makes up for it by sleeping in my arms on occasion.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

10 on 10: January 2016

1. Both kids grabbed a baby wipe, pulled chairs over to the window, and started cleaning! I'll take it!

2-5: just a small sampling of my attempts to get a decent picture of Millie and Max.

6. Max does this several times a week, and most of the time he puts them back so I don't mind. 

7. Searching for lost toys under the couch.

8. Tyler was making the kids laugh so hard with his karate kicks and shouts!

9. I love that when Tyler is around, Max is a total Daddy's boy.

10. Millie fell asleep for 15 minutes that day and consequently had a hard time going to bed that night. Instead of fighting her, I let her watch the first half of The Sound of Music with me (her first time)! Afterwards she whispered to me, "I want to watch that movie always." So happy to pass along my love for that movie and Julie Andrews to her!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Millie is 4!

Millie had a bit of a fragmented 4th birthday. It was on a Wednesday and Tyler's team dinner was that night, so we did a little celebrating that day, a little friend gathering the next day, and then a small family celebration on Saturday.

She woke up super excited (much like Christmas) and we let her open her present at 6:30 before Tyler had to leave for work. She was so excited about this play-doh set!

And Max was super excited about the balloons. 

After breakfast and doing play-doh for a little bit we went to Gigi's. Grammy and Heidi came and Millie was excited to open some more presents.

She was being a big stinker and wouldn't try on her new dress or leotard. We eventually got the dress on but she wasn't happy about me taking a picture.

We went to Jason's Deli for lunch. Perfect because she doesn't really like food but is all about free ice cream! Ha! 

Monka came over and brought her some gifts in the afternoon. Sometimes I just can't believe we are so close to both our families! I love that our kids have close relationships with their grandparents. Everyone was so sweet to make her birthday such a special day for her.

Thursday after preschool we went to McDonald's for lunch and playing in the play place. Millie was so happy to have her friends there with her and even shared the cupcakes with them.

Millie and Max had a sleepover at Monka and Ampa's on Friday night and Monka made her a cake too! I thought that 2 cakes would be sufficient, but Millie did not forget that I told her I would make a cake so we could celebrate with Tyler on Saturday. I am just awful at making pretty cakes. I'm good with it. Millie was happy with it so I truly don't care. She put the candles on her "flower cake" all by herself and was pretty pleased.

At 4 years old:

- Millie still loves all things princess but has recently branched out to Doc McStuffins. This and her Merida bow and arrow are a welcome change (for the rest of us) from all that  girly princess stuff.

- Food is an ongoing battle at our house. We have been telling her for months that at 4 years old she has to start taking bites of everything on her plate. It is rough but she is slowly getting better. She took a bite of carrot last night! Even the smallest victories make me so happy.

- She is really good at memorizing things. Millie learned the first 5 Articles of Faith in the last few months. When I am consistent about working with her on it she does great. 

- She can write her name and a few other names too. Her writing and drawing skills have really improved in the last few months, thanks to preschool. It is so fun to watch her.

- Millie is a super sweet big sister. She and Max love each other so much and play really well together when they are in good moods and remember to share. They can make each other laugh like no one else can!

- She has some interesting fears, much like I did at that age. She currently can't go in the bathroom at home alone or in her bedroom alone because we saw hermit crabs in the mall and she is pretty sure they're coming to get her. Oh and she's afraid of jellyfish being in the toilet. It's a little exhausting as a parent but I remember being afraid of weird things too! Poor thing!

- She has a super active imagination (see above haha). She loves to pretend with her princesses but gets a little embarrassed if anyone is around/watching. I had to explain imagining to her recently. She would randomly say, "Mom! I just had a dream about ____!" So I explained how dreaming happens when you're asleep, and during the day you say you daydreamt or imagined something. So funny the way kids explain things.

- Millie is generally just a really fun and happy girl. We love how she is always so excitable and makes everything so fun. We love our Millie Mae so much!!